Zoom tube monocular with the magnificent surface of Nocs Provisions



One of those objects I’m dying to touch: this Zoom Tube 8×32 monocular telescope from the Californian company Nocs Provisions (“Nocs” being the abbreviation for monoculars / binoculars).

This lightweight, water-resistant 9.5 oz (270 g) monocular has a wide field of view (384 feet at 1000 meters), can be tripod mounted with a standard 1 / 4-20 connector, and features an eyecup compatible with the glasses.

It can also be paired with a useful but bulky $ 27 photo platform adapter so you can take photos with your smartphone, as if you’ve slapped a 400mm camera lens on it.

Really a great job of surfacing here. It’s hard to tell without touching it, but I’m guessing the point of origin of the radiating streaks is the object’s central equilibrium point. And in addition to the look and feel, “the ribbed casing absorbs shock and provides grip,” the company says.

While the streaks scream at 3D printing, which is actually how the company prototypes its products, the company says the texture was “inspired by the vintage BMX mushroom handles and the artwork. by Frank Stella inspired by the natural sand patterns that form in the dunes and ocean swell formations: seemingly symmetrical and geometric, but every line, every wave, completely unique. “

The recently launched Zoom Tube costs $ 75 and is supposed to start shipping any day now (mid-September was their goal). To reassure, the company claims to offer a “lifetime guarantee regardless of what happens.”


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