Xeikon continues on the path to the full digitization of print manufacturing – spanning printing inks, coatings and allied industries



Xeikon has taken a new strategic step with the announcement of new areas of innovation. Xeikon’s vision has always been to provide printers and converters with a clear and viable path to digital transformation. With its comprehensive portfolio and range of new digital printing solutions, Xeikon is now ready to take it to the next level.

Printers and converters are looking for solutions that will enable them to achieve business growth, deliver the highest quality, and offer creative products to meet today’s ever-changing consumer demand. Online ordering has increased the need for automation, high quality color controls and faster production speeds.

Xeikon’s vast digital portfolio, his in-depth knowledge of digital technology and his long experience working with companies going digital have positioned him as an advisor to companies seeking to protect the future of their production and production operations. printing manufacturing.

“Over the past year, Xeikon has launched several new innovations and products,” said Filip Weymans, vice president of marketing. “Now printers and converters are really able to see our vision come to fruition and what it can mean to them. The careful construction and structure of our portfolio is about to pay off, and we are now poised to showcase even more exciting innovations that will pave the way for a digital future and “shut down” production and manufacturing. “

Xeikon innovations include the introduction of new products in all different aspects of the print workflow:

Digital production presses

• Xeikon Cheetah 2.0 Dry Toner Technology: Now connected to the cloud with human / machine and machine / machine interfaces where machines are in constant communication with each other, driving and monitoring print jobs with full automation. Earlier this year, Xei-kon introduced two new models: the entry-level CX30 and CX50 dry toner presses. Importantly, with every cloud-connected solution, operators can monitor print manufacturing from anywhere in the shop floor by viewing 24/7 interfaces / dashboards on a smartphone. or any other device.

• Panther 2.0 UV InkJet technology: New Panther models will include the Xeikon PX2200 and Xeikon PX3300, replacing the PX2000 and PX3000.

• Xeikon Label Conversion Unit (LCU) Series: In Xeikon’s portfolio, these are specially designed for converting industries and printing companies. LCUs, formerly known as D-Coat, are also connected to the cloud with machine / machine interfaces.


Xeikon announces a selection of new services to be added to Xeikon’s already comprehensive Solutions & Services (XSS) and aXelerate programs:

• Xeikon (Business Services) XBS – coming soon in North America

In real time, Xeikon Business Services can translate data in the cloud from one machine to another and provide all the necessary and detailed information on a dashboard available on any smartphone or device. With Xeikon XBS, printers and converters can check the performance of any press or equipment anytime, 24/7. They can check efficiency, costs and compare results.

• Xeikon (Performance Services) XPS – Xeikon will offer XPS first in North America

Xeikon Performance Services will be included as standard for the first six months with all press investments. This is intended to help printers and converters identify aspects of production that require their attention. This software will highlight and visualize any key functionality that needs to be adjusted, including maintenance issues, training programs, or application verification.

• Xeikon (color services) XCS

Xeikon’s XCS Pro 2.0 is a cloud-connected breakthrough in color management, a one-stop automated toolkit for the highest quality printed products. Additional capabilities include full automation for “on-the-fly” profiling, color profile monitoring and adjustment. It is now possible on a Xeikon press to automatically recalibrate the color profile in the event of a problem. The operator is automatically alerted, and the problem is automatically escalated to the production manager if it persists.

It is important to note that XCS 2.0 can now be used to create color profiles on a variety of different platforms, such as a flexo press, offset press, screen printing with a digital press, or any competing press. This expands what can currently be achieved and expands the variety of applications and materials with which it is possible to work.


A fundamental and key component of the workflow is Xeikon’s X-800 Digital Front End (DFE). Xeikon is now extending the capabilities of its X-800 workflow even further to extend and improve the range of possible applications. The label version of the X-800 will now include the Xeikon VARI ONE variable data stream and combine it with the durable Panther haptic printing and with the Xeikon Fusion Embellishment Unit (FEU). With this unique capability, the X-800 will drive both the Panther and Cheetah press series towards digital transformation.

“With our latest innovations, printers and converters will be able to meet the current and future needs of print buyers and brand owners,” Weymans added. “Having a clear view of their production environments means they can track progress and make quick, flexible decisions on the fly. This is why digitization can be a game-changer. When we install the first digital press on a business site, we support that business every step of the way on its growth journey. They are quickly realizing the productivity, growth and profit benefits of implementing a fully automated digital print manufacturing process. Everyone knows that it can be difficult to make changes to a company’s strategy and operations. Xeikon is the go-to advisor for printers and converters looking to the future for growth and sustainable profitability.


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