Wyze is ending support for an iconic smart home security camera

One of the most affordable Ring and Nest competitors leaves a lasting legacy

The market for smart home security cameras continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But not too long ago there were only a few to choose from, and one, in particular, managed to stand out with an incredibly affordable price: the original Wyze Cam, released in 2017. If the Wyze Cam v1 has been your go-to for spotting intruders, burglars, or identifying a neighbor letting their dog do their business in your yard, maybe it’s time to upgrade, because Wyze shares the word it’s about to stop supporting the camera.

In a message to customers, Wyze explained that Wyze Cam v1 is not configured to support a “needed security update”. After February 1, 2022, customers will be will still be able to use the camera, but they will be alone. Wyze said the company – according to its “end of life” – will stop updating and maintaining units.


Wyze Cam v1 was a hit with consumers when it was released almost five years ago. Its price was reasonable compared to competitors like Nest and Ring and compatible with Android and iOS. The business quickly released the Cam v2 in early 2018. Upgrades included picture and sound quality improvements and the ability to tag motion

Some customers commenting on the ad were unhappy. One wrote that if v2 and v3 “suffer this fate I will not replace them with a Wyze product”, and another called ending “planned obsolescence” and said it will not purchase Wyze products in the future.

Wyze still has many other affordable options, including the $40 Wyze Cam Pan v2, with color night vision, and the popular Wyze Cam v3, which is currently selling for $36. In its email, the company offered a $3 coupon on the purchase of a new camera. wyze at been one of the best offerings in home security for years, but now we’re entering a new chapter and time will tell how it compares to its peers.

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