Wiiboox launches the food 3D printer extruder named LuckyBot – a new dimension for FDM 3D printers and food creations

High compatibility for FDM 3D printers

LuckyBot food extruder can be installed on most FDM printers on the market to enable 3D food printing, like Creality Ender 3/3 Pro/3 V2/3 Max, Ender 5/6/7 CR-10 Series and Anycubic Mega Series, Voxelab Aquila 3D Printers. Upgrade the FDM 3D printer to a food printer in an easy and creative way and bring 3DP technology to the kitchen.

LuckyBot replaces the standard hotend of a 3D printer with one designed specifically for printing food materials. It has a lightweight and compact body, which can utilize the printing size when adding 3D printers. Non-destructive disassembly makes it easy to switch between FDM 3D printers and food 3D printers.

Food grade materials, health protective

LuckyBot extruder comes with food grade ABS body, stainless steel nozzle and food grade PP tubes to reinforce the importance of food safety. It has been certified by FDA, FCC and CE. Enjoy chocolate 3D printing without worrying about food safety.

0-50°C temperature control range and auto shut-off feature greatly increase user safety. One of the most critical aspects impacting food impression is temperature. Thus, LuckyBot manages temperature control accuracy within 0.5°C by using advanced temperature control algorithms. In addition, LuckyBot’s motor control system is essential to allow food printing to achieve the same level of precision as filament.

Quick to assemble, easy to use

By removing the original hotend from the 3D printer and replacing it with the LuckyBot food extruder, users can easily control temperature and lead screw settings with just three buttons. Both beginners and pros can get started in minutes.

In terms of software, LuckyBot can be operated using the same techniques as printing filament. Accessible to 3D print food and have fun.

Various printing ingredients for unlimited creativity

LuckyBot supports 3D printing of various ingredients like chocolate, peanut butter, cream, cheese, jam, mashed potato, salad dressing, etc. without limitation of creativity. Chocolate excels in food 3D printing. The chocolate 3D printing procedure in LuckyBot is as follows: tempered chocolate is fed into LuckyBot’s food-grade PP tube and extruded as the nozzle is moved to draw shapes and form 2D layers one at a time.

Applied to many scenarios

LuckyBot can satisfy users’ demands for different dimensions in 2D or 3D chocolate/food designs which are eye-catching and creative, especially for desserts, cafes, upcoming wedding, or just something for fun a few with family or friends. . It is also suitable for hospitality, catering and event catering, ideal for chefs, bakers, cooking enthusiasts and 3D enthusiasts.

For more information, please visit LuckyBot official website: http://www.wiibooxluckybot.com

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