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Finding the best Fortnite landing spots is extremely important if you want to win matches. Choose well and you’re well on your way to a Victory Royale. Choose wrong and return to the lobby. Here are the best locations to drop in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 may be themed around Vibin’, but there’s no relaxation to be found on this island. As always, players arrive and hunt you down, desperate to get the crown and a Victory Royale for themselves.

From grappling gloves to balls, there are many ways to get around the island, but picking a good landing spot is necessary to give you a chance to win. With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best Fortnite Season 3 landing sites.

Best Fortnite landing spots

Cave Rave

Rave Cave is a hot drop in Season 3, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. This place is a theme park and you will definitely find adrenaline there. You’re likely to encounter enemies here, but inside Rave Cave are a number of chests, lots of floor loot, and Slurp Barrels to pump up your shields as well.

In addition to that, Ballers can be found here, there is a launch pad to allow you a quick escape, and smaller caves that can also protect you from opponents and loot opportunities.

Rave Cave in Fortnite

Chonker Motor Speedway

The buildings surrounding Chonker’s Speedway contain plenty of chests to roam through, with a few outbuildings to the west that also contain decent loot.

You can also get into a sports car at the racetrack to get around the island faster. These vehicles are already equipped with all-terrain tires, which makes them ideal for driving on different terrains.

Car races around Chonker's Speedway

greasy grove

Greasy Grove is overrun with mushrooms, plants, and trees after Fortnite’s latest live event. Despite that, it’s still a good place to land.

With many buildings, there is plenty of loot available here. It’s also not as hot of a drop as places like Tilted Towers, which should help you make it out alive in the early game.

Greasy Grove in Fortnite

sleeping sound

Residential areas are always great choices for landing spots. Filled with houses and buildings that provide excellent cover against enemies, and plenty of loot to pick up too.

Best of all, Sleepy Sound is rife with vehicles scattered around, with cars and boats readily available for a getaway if the area gets a little rowdy.

Sleepy Sound Buildings in Fortnite Season 3

Pawn shop

If landing on the island doesn’t appeal to you, then head out into the open waters and drop on the Pawntoon. This moving ship, better known as the “loot ship,” floats around the edge of the map, filled with loot and high-quality healing items.

The only problem with Pawntoon is that it never stays in the same place from game to game. We suggest removing your glider early and scouring the edges of the map for it.

Pawntoon Floating in Fortnite Season 3

Here are our picks for the top five landing spots in Fortnite Season 3. Then go find one of the 25 NPCs on the Fortnite map with our handy guide and complete some tasks.

With your newfound knowledge in hand, it’s time to get out of the Battle Bus and go get some Victory Royales.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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