What we know about Zeina Khoury’s modeling career

Zeina Khoury’s former modeling career was briefly mentioned on Dubai Bling. Here’s what we know about Zeina’s brief stint in the fashion industry.

Before Zeina Khoury joined the cast of Netflix Dubai Blingshe had a short modeling career. Dubai Blingwhich is a spin-off of the hit series empire bling, follows the extravagant personal and professional lives of 10 Dubai residents who have money to spend. Zeina, a 39-year-old real estate agent and entrepreneur, moved from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates in 2007. Since becoming CEO of High Mark Real Estate in 2009, Zeina has established herself as a successful businesswoman and an online influencer who doubles as an entertainment personality.


As Zeina stood out on Dubai Bling for her surprising physical altercation with Dayna Mohammed, viewers became particularly interested in Zeina’s past when Safa Siddiqui recruited her for a fashion show. Safa praised Zeina’s height and thought she would look good in her clothes, but Zeina was clearly worried about the idea and revealed that she was a model before turning to real estate. While some empire bling stars like Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim love the fashion world, Zeina called time a “dark times” in his life. Here’s what we know about Zeina’s former career.

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Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury was a model in the 2000s

Zeina, who is estimated to be around 5ft 7in, was a model in the 2000s before turning her attention to the real estate market. Although Zeina simply told Safa that she was a model “a long time ago,” on Dubai Bling, reality titbit unearthed a Gladiators article from 2009 that described Zeina as a Lebanese model and TV host. Unfortunately, fans of Dubai Bling who wish to view Zeina’s portfolio are out of luck, as Zeina’s social media profiles make no mention of her former career.

Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury has no plans to model again

While viewers were thrilled when the fashion photographer and America’s Next Top Model alum Yu Tsai appeared on empire bling season 3fans of Dubai Bling shouldn’t expect Zeina to dive back into the modeling world. Although Zeina has found some success as a model, she told Safa that she felt too much pressure to be perfect, especially since she weighed “five or six kilos more”, than other women of the time. After the experience left her “borderline bulimic”, Zeina promised herself that she would never model again and, despite Safa’s positive assertions about Dubai Blinghas stayed true to her word ever since.

Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury always has an eye for fashion

Although Zeina’s stint as a model is long over, the Dubai Bling star is more invested in fashion than ever and regularly shows off glamorous outfits online. Zeina’s 330,000 Instagram followers are often treated to glimpses of Zeina’s chic personal style, comprised of basic basics, colorful ensembles and extravagant accessories. Plus, while Zeina may not be a model anymore, her little shoots with photographers on Instagram prove she still has the skills. While some Dubai Bling cast members have been accused of embellishing their lifestyles, there’s no doubt that Zeina’s career as a model was, at one point, the real deal.

Dubai Bling is now streaming on Netflix.

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