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Birds flying high 2021 collection

LOS ANGELES, California, United States, Nov 3, 2021 / – Israel’s top fashion designer Victor (Vivi) Bellaish unveils his new collection at Kornit Fashion Week LA 2021. The collection creates a correlation between fashion and nature, birds in flight, and the lightness of feathers and silk.

The inspiration for the collection was tropical birds, primarily the Hoopoe – the national bird of Israel. Bellaish is fascinated by the bird’s feathers as a design element: form and structure compose a spectacular visual performance which, accompanied by the silhouette, provides an exhilarating sensation of flight. The world of birds has been a source of inspiration for Bellaish since childhood: “as a young boy, I was fascinated by birds, and especially by the Hoopoe, which stands out in the local landscape. The crest and the black and white feathers give the bird a sort of “punk-rock” look. The collection stems from his journey in search of the history of textiles. Spirits of feminine strength and liberation beat at the heart of the collection.

The collection is the result of a unique collaboration between the designer and Kornit Digital, specialized in the development and creation of digital textile printing systems. Bellaish designed the collection to maximize the full potential of Kornit technology, which sees sustainability as a core business value. Kornit’s eco-friendly digital printing solutions deliver a workflow unlike any other in the industry. These printing solutions advance fashion manufacturing with a low carbon footprint, minimal water consumption and print-on-demand, avoiding excess inventory and meeting the needs and demands of today’s market. consumer-oriented. Bellaish recounts the work process: “The traditional silk prints were part of the Roberto Cavalli house, of which I was the chief designer for four years. The prints were made manually when the garment followed the printed fabric. Working with Kornit allowed me to go back to tradition through cutting edge printing technology. It allowed me to plan the printed fabric according to the design I wanted to create, to dream of limitless textures, cuts, structure and colors. “

For the sake of ecology, the creation of the collection did not include real feathers. Instead, painter Melanie Vugich painted the feathers and her work was printed on fabric. This method was also used to create the ikat print – a traditionally woven pattern made into a freehand sketch and digital print. The birds and the aesthetics of Bellaish’s ikat work are his interpretation of famous designer William Morris, one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The styles in the collection are airy and light, which resonates with the thought of feathers. The lightweight layered skirts were created using the airy ikat print, helping to draw attention to the textile background on the one hand, and the print itself on the other. The slightly abstract and undefined form follows Bellaish’s point of view: in flight, a little unraveled, embracing the beauty in the unfinished. Bellaish’s design DNA is characterized by her love of 1970s boho-chic, 1930s glamor and vintage athletic wear. Punk inspirations are added to the ensemble, creating a design twist and a new contemporary fashion approach: the designer combines touches of neon prints and metallic muslin fabrics woven with lurex threads. Skirts are paired with jerseys or t-shirts, alongside Dr. Martens boots, referring to the English style of the 90s.

Gadi Elimelech and Shalev Lav’an completed the look with masterful styling, using asymmetrical lip, ear and nail jewelry designed by Keren Wolf.

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