Time Lapse Photography Tutorial with Sony Artisan Drew Geraci

by Jeremy Gray

published Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT

Sony Artisan of Imagery Drew Geraci has done a lot of fast-track professional work with his production company, District 7, including for films with acclaimed directors like Steven Spielberg and David Fincher. To share his knowledge and experience, Geraci and Sony have launched a new video series, “Reframed with Drew Geraci”. In the first episode, seen below, Geraci demonstrates how to plan, compose and process a cinematic timelapse.

Although this is a Sony video with a Sony Artisan, you don’t need Sony gear to enjoy many of Geraci’s lessons. You don’t need expensive equipment to get into time-lapse photography. You need a camera, lens, tripod and intervalometer. Some cameras include built-in intervalometers, which are a shooting mode that lets you configure your camera to take multiple images at a set interval for a specified period. If your camera does not include a built-in intervalometer, you can use a wired or wireless remote.

With the required equipment, the first thing to do is to locate a good location for the timelapse. For this you want a scene with some sort of movement, like clouds. You also want a compelling foreground, middle ground, and background. If it’s a good location for a single landscape frame and there’s movement in the scene, it’s probably a great candidate for time-lapse photography.

In the video above, Geraci films timelapses in two locations, a daytime landscape and an astro timelapse at night. While the principles are the same for both, shooting at night comes with its own set of challenges.

After taking the shots, it’s time to move on to post-production. To see how Geraci ingests and prepares his files, be sure to watch the full video above. To learn more about Geraci’s work, you can follow him on Instagram and visit his production company’s website. To see more Sony Alpha Universe videos, visit YouTube.

(via Sony Alpha Universe)

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