These easy-to-read lens labels help you quickly identify equipment


Canada based company Field Made Co. designed a series of stylish lens caps indicator labels for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Sigma lenses.

“Enhance your photographic experience by organizing your gear to help you find the right lens quickly and also to make your camera bag look professional and clean,” writes Field Made.

Company founders Jean-François and Vivian say Field Made was born out of their love of photography and having beautiful and useful things (props) to enhance the photographic experience. They say that while working with other photographers, they noticed that many used duct tape to mark lenses, cameras, and batteries in their kits. While useful visual aids for quickly finding the right lens in a bag, aesthetically it was a shame to put simple, ugly tape on such beautiful and expensive equipment, so they decided to create a series of stylized labels as creatives would find it useful as well as visually impressive and professional.

While most professional photographers have a special way of packing their gear so they know where everything is, in the midst of a hectic shoot, even the best-organized creatives can get the wrong lens or waste time. looking for something in the dark. The purpose of these indicators is to make it easier for photographers to find the right equipment on the set. The only downside to this system is ensuring that the right lens cap comes back to the right lens every time.

Field Made has created custom indicator labels for camera lenses and bodies (both DSLR and mirrorless) from manufacturers such as Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sigma, and Canon. This means that there is probably an indicator label available for most of the equipment found in any photographer’s camera bag which will make sorting and identification on the set much easier.

Camera and lens indicator labels are available in the Field Made Co official store starting at just $ 6.25 (CA $ 7.99) for an individual label, with pack sets starting at $ 24.75 (CA $ 29.99). The company also sells a variety of Lapel pins for those looking to add an extra touch to their bags, suspenders or outfits.

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