The Katie flood of the Mediterranean under the bridge reveals where the guests are hiding from the cameras



During a tour of superyacht Lady Michelle, chef Katie Flood spilled where guests are hiding Under the Mediterranean bridge cameras. “Here we have our observation suite,” she explained on a Bravo Insider video tour. “This is where most of our guests come to party when they want to get away from the cameras.” What other secrets does Flood reveal on the boat? Read on.

What is the main lounge rule on “Below Deck Mediterranean”?

The main lounge is typically featured on the show, but Flood says the team spends more time there than the guests. “This way, this is where we twerk,” she said, pointing to the wall of the main living room. “A rule concerning the main living room. No black drinks. Watch the video of the crew drinking in the main lounge. “Nobody is putting a drink on the wood or I’m going to give you a backhand in the face,” Flood warned the crew.

Under the Mediterranean bridge Katie Flood Season 6 Cast Photo | Laurent Basset / Bravo

The indoor dining area is located near the main salon and the crew made good use of the area when a thunderstorm suddenly blew during dinner service.

Lady Michelle guest cabins are luxurious all the way

The guest rooms are simply luxurious. The main cabin is huge and Flood says, “For a boat of this size this is actually one of the biggest main cabins I have ever seen. The main cabin is complete with its bathroom. Flood joked, “Does a guy really need such a big bathroom? Do they even shower?

The lower guest area is just as lavish as the rest of the bedrooms. It even comes with Courtney Veale stew. “As much as guests ask, Courtney is not coming with this cabin,” Flood said. The yacht has a double cabin which rivals the master. “Here we actually have a tub,” Flood observed of the bathroom. “Just like the parental suite. “

Below Deck Med crew cabins are a little less luxurious

Flood then revealed what the crew quarters looked like, referring to the crew mess as “where the crew literally makes a f-king mess.” The area actually looked pretty tidy, but Flood assures viewers that the area can get chaotic.

“Follow me guys and you can see where we all sleep,” she laughed. “As you can see, they don’t give us a lot of space. So if you want to be romantic, you have to get creative. Flood then walks by the laundry room and shows how the laundry is done.

“It’s our pantry on the main deck,” she said. “We don’t offer a lot of services here. But this is where we come down for good jokes with [chef] Matthew. ”Chef Mathew Shea resumes the tour to show viewers American cuisine.

“So this is where I cook,” he said, gesturing to the huge pan. “I have six burners. I have a deep fryer and I have an oven. And I make it work baby.

What’s Katie Flood’s most and least favorite part of the boat?

Flood ends the visit with a little champagne and a shot. “This is my least favorite and most favorite part of the boat,” she said. “Most preferred because it contains all the alcohol on drop-off day,” she said. “At least because they don’t start from this place. All I do is make cocktails all day, every day.

It also shows the deck deck saloon, which appears to be a guest favorite. “Also known as our sky lounge,” she added. “The most used lounge on the boat.” The VIP suite is located right next to the bar. Flood joked that the main stew area should be the VIP suite. “It’s right next to the bar,” she said.

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