The budget DJI Mini SE drone is on sale (but only if you live in the right place)



The DJI Mini SE is on sale now, but only in certain parts of the world. The $ 299 budget drone will not, for the time being at least, be available in the US or Europe. But instead of being available in some select countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Singapore and China.

DJI says that the DJI Mini SE uses “the internal components of the DJI Mavic Mini in the DJI Mini 2 shell”.

The drone has a 12MP camera on a 3-axis gimbal with a maximum resolution of 2.7K @ 30fps, just like the Mavic Mini – which will certainly appeal to entry-level drone photographers despite the lower storage rate of 40Mbps.

Equally important is the 249g weight limit the Mini SE adheres to, allowing it to fly below the full registration limit set by many governments around the world.

With a maximum range of 4 km / 2.5 miles, the SE comes with DJI’s older screenless controller design, with its foldable phone grips.

(Image credit: DJI)

Experienced DJI users will know that without the modern OcuSync 2.0 radio system, transmission may be a little less reliable than drones of the past two years, but the Mini SE still has great potential. As a potential giveaway / giveaway, this line still comfortably beats most devices seen in this category.

So why won’t customers in the US and Europe get this potentially cheaper drone? For now, DJI tells us that this is “a specialty product designed for entry-level drone pilots in markets where the use of consumer drones is emerging.” This is another way of saying that the Mini 2 is the preferred choice in more mature markets that might have slightly deeper pockets and enjoy the benefits of 4K video and 10 mile radio range.

However, it seems possible that the Mini SE will emerge in those markets later this year. In terms of clues, we have the following: a product release like this would make more sense before the Christmas holidays in the US; there were Prime Day offers on the Mavic Mini; and, of course, news of the DJI Mini SE started with sightings of the drone at Walmart with a price tag of just $ 299 ($ ​​110 less than the Mavic Mini).

In Australia, the Mini SE is now on sale for AU $ 459 – which is a big discount from the AU $ 599 for which the Mavic Mini is still sold. The DJI Mini 2 costs $ 749.

The Mini SE will also be sold in the Fly More Combo Kit which includes additional accessories, including three batteries, for AU $ 619.

DJI Mini SE: specifications

(Image credit: DJI)

  • Single frequency
  • 1 / 2.3 inch CMOS sensor
  • Maximum photo resolution: 12 MP
  • Maximum video resolution: 2.7K
  • Max speed: 46.8 km / h
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Photo mode: single shot and interval
  • Photo resolutions: 4: 3 4000 × 3000 16: 9 4000 × 2250
  • Video resolutions: 2.7K: 2720 × 1530 25 / 30p FHD: 1920 × 1080 25/30/50 / 60p
  • QuickShot Modes: Dronie, Circle, Helix and Rocket
  • Remote control: 720p / 30fps
  • Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3 bracketed images at 2/3 EV Bias
  • Average interference (suburban landscape, line of sight, some competing signals): approx. 6 km
  • Flight time: 30 minutes
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 159 × 203 × 56mm
  • Takeoff weight: 242g

DJI Mini SE: first thoughts

When the Mini SE replaces the Mavic Mini as DJI’s entry-level drone, it seems very likely that it will immediately become the go-to choice for anyone with a serious photographic or videographic ambition dipping their toe into the space of the drone. Although DJI has suggested that the wind resistance will be a little different, the controller will be the same and it’s safe to assume that the software has broadly similar functionality as well.

Because all of these are so useful for shareable photos and clips, and especially suited for viewing in a device-obsessed world, and because so many budding creators on social platforms aren’t with huge budgets, it seems very likely that a launch in North America and Europe will follow.

If you can go a little higher, the new DJI Mini 2 might make a better choice, especially if you prefer to edit in 4K; read our opinion to decide if you want the additional features.

(Image credit: DJI)

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