Spot AI launches AI-powered camera system to change the way businesses use video



SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Spot AI was officially launched today with the goal of providing everyone in any business with access to video intelligence, a tool that helps make better decisions about safety, security workforce and process efficiency.

The company also announced that it closed a Series A funding round led by Redpoint Ventures with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners earlier this year, bringing its total funding to $ 22 million. The funding follows the explosive growth of Spot AI, which, after a year on the market, has hundreds of customers and thousands of users, tripling bookings quarter over quarter.

Today, tens of millions of cameras are installed in businesses across the United States, recording billions of gigabytes of video data. These cameras examine the rich visual context of what’s going on at work, and a flood of users – from security teams to security and operations teams – struggle to use these systems to find out what’s going on around them. ‘them. Access to this video is difficult and these systems were not designed for everyday use and collaboration. Finding footage can take hours, and sharing it often involves outdated methods such as USB drives.

Spot AI has built an easy-to-use AI camera system to help businesses operate based on visual context rather than hearsay. With video intelligence, operations are able to understand exactly why the conveyor belt suddenly stopped, security is able to cause the new location to slip and fall, and security is able to quickly find out. how all the copper was stolen from the roof the day before. When everyone within the organization has easy access to video, it is no longer just a security tool, it becomes a platform to improve enterprise-wide operations.

“At Spot AI, we’re on a mission to transform people’s relationship with their cameras from that old category of hardware-centric surveillance to this new era of software-centric video intelligence that is changing the way people think and use. video in the factory., the assembly line and in any workplace, “said Tanuj Thapliyal, co-founder and CEO of Spot AI.” The key to this new category of video intelligence is to enable All members of the company have easy access to the video so that it becomes a tool to generate useful information, improve collaboration and maximize the potential of individuals and teams. We looked at the whole from the customer journey – from purchase, to product and support – and we’ve worked to make the customer experience as easy as possible.

Businesses can choose to use cameras they already own or get them for free from Spot AI. By leveraging the cutting edge AI chip technology built into the platform, users can easily access, identify and mark important regions to become easily searchable (i.e. loading docks in a warehouse) from their phone, tablet or desktop. Cameras capture the physical operations of the business, while Spot AI’s software allows users to interact, collaborate, and extract business information from video, directly improving operating procedures. Video streaming, networking, cloud, and AI technology come together in one simple experience anyone can set up and use in minutes.

“There is a flood of new users and businesses making day-to-day decisions using their cameras. In an industry crowded with traditional vendors, Spot AI’s software-driven model is by far the easiest choice for customers, ”said Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director of Redpoint Ventures.

“Today, only the largest companies in the world have access to proprietary AI camera systems, while most small and medium-sized businesses are left behind,” said Byron Deeter, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Spot AI’s easy-to-use technology accelerates the consumption of video data in all businesses, large and small. ”

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About Spot AI

Spot AI was formed by engineers from Stanford, Cisco Meraki, and Samsara, with a mission to visually index the physical world and make this data useful to everyone who works. With an easy-to-use AI camera system, Spot AI unleashes the power of video data to help businesses improve their security, safety and efficiency. The company’s headquarters are in Burlingame, California. For more information visit


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