South Baltimore skateboarding interaction seen by millions on TikTok



Last week, Asen Gyenyame, a lifeguard at Riverside Park Pool who can often be seen skateboarding in South Baltimore, posted a video on his TikTok page of local real estate agent Alyssia Essig giving him a few words of ‘encouragement. The video has now been viewed 8.8 million times and garnered 2.3 million likes.

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Gyenyame, who often skates in Riverside Park or the Baltimore Museum of Industry, posts video clips of his latest tricks on his YouTube page (Skate Vibes) and social media accounts. He puts his iPhone on a tripod and has a camera attached to his head to capture the videos.

Earlier this month, Gyenyame was trying nightmarish flips (double kickflip pop-shuvit) under the gazebo at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. While eating his lunch in the parking lot, Essig saw his dedication and decided to give him a pep talk.

Gyenyame posted a video of their interaction titled “She’s the best”.

In the video, Essig said, “I wanted to tell you something. You will succeed in this today. You will succeed in this today. You’re gonna do it, you’re so close.

She added, “First of all, whatever you do in your life, you’re going to get him out of the park, only because you’re sitting here breaking your ass just to pull off that trick. You will do this the rest of your life, whatever it is, you won’t have it, you will try, you will try, you will try, you will try again. You will achieve this today. Do you believe in yourself? “

“Of course,” Gyenyame said.

The two then congratulated each other and Essig said, “Have a good Sunday.”

Gyenyame added captions to the video which read, “We need more people like this” and “felt super inspired and then landed two after this conversation”.

WMAR brought Essig and Gyenyame together in a heartwarming segment last week. Both were touched by the positive interactions received from people who viewed the video.

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