Security camera records break-in at Jefferson Park garage as footage is posted on social media; POD camera also gives police a live view of ongoing graffiti as suspect was later arrested – Nadig Newspapers

by BRIAN NADIG Surveillance cameras are playing an increasingly important role in police investigations, as evidenced by a recent garage burglary and a graffiti incident in Jefferson Park. A homeowner who is fed up with crime in her neighborhood has posted posters in the community and posted photos on social media of a man suspected of stealing a lawn mower and other items from her garage in the block of 4900 houses from West Argyle Street. “We’re just sick of this (and) want someone to be held accountable,” the home owner said. She added that she hopes releasing the photos will help police apprehend the suspect and prevent similar incidents in the future. Entry into the garage was made using a garage door opener that had been stolen from the owner’s vehicle parked on the street earlier that night. Responding officers suspect a jiggler key was used to enter the car, which was ransacked, the owner said. The garage incident was captured on a Ring security camera and the footage was provided to police. It happened around 3.45am on Wednesday July 6 and a police report was filed. Police told Nadig Newspapers they believe the man in the video footage was responsible for the incident. The man, who was listed by police as 20 to 25, white-Hispanic and 160 pounds, is wearing blue jeans, a blue t-shirt and a baseball cap, and the getaway car is a vehicle black sports utility vehicle, whose rear license plate appears to be covered and therefore cannot be read. Those with information can contact the police station at 16th (Jefferson Park), 5151 N. Milwaukee Ave., at 312-742-4480. The owner said someone reported seeing the man driving in the area later in the week, but a license plate number was not obtained. There was another man involved in the incident, but he was wearing a mask and his face was not visible, she said. It has become increasingly common for people to post images of suspected thieves taking packages from their doorsteps, and in a recent article a restaurant owner in Gladstone Park posted images of individuals vandalizing the dining room exterior. Also in Jefferson Park, a police surveillance camera near the Milwaukee-Lawrence intersection provided officers with live footage of a vandalized commercial building around 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, July 3, and shortly after the suspect of the graffiti was arrested and the car he was traveling impounded. Officers working at the 16th District Strategic Support Center were monitoring police observation device footage of the intersection when they saw a man spray painting the building and driving away as a passenger in a Ford Explorer said District Commander Heather Daniel. Alderman James Gardiner (45th) had the camera installed last year due to the intersection’s proximity to the Kennedy Freeway exit ramps, which fleeing suspects sometimes use to quickly exit the area. The district’s POD cameras are monitored around the clock by officers from the Support Center, which is intended to provide real-time intelligence and other information to tactical and tactical officers, police officials said. Responding officers stopped the Explorer in the 5300 block of North Milwaukee Avenue and the passenger was arrested, police said. A backpack containing several cans of spray paint was recovered, police said. Additionally, the Explorer was seized for false registration because the license plate did not match the vehicle, police said.

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