School bus stop cameras arrive in Nassau County



NASSAU COUNTY, NY – The Nassau County Legislature has approved three measures that will kick off the county’s program to install cameras on school buses to help protect children.

The campaign to install cameras for school buses was led by lawmakers Siela Bynoe and Arnold Drucker, who introduced legislation in 2019 that opted for the county in a state law that allows the installation of cameras on the arms of stop signs mounted on school buses. The cameras will record drivers passing by stopped buses, endangering children getting on and off the bus.

The new measures approved this week will allow Verra Mobility to install the cameras for school districts that opt ​​for the program. It will also establish a 60-day penalty-free warning period to educate drivers. After this period, the fines for overtaking the bus will be $ 250 for the first offense, then $ 275 and $ 300 for the second and third offenses committed within 18 months of the first.

The measures also prohibit the county from imposing a “public safety charge” or “driver’s liability charge” in addition to fines.

“Nassau County has declared with a clear and united voice that it has zero tolerance for motorists who make the dangerously selfish decision to pass a stopped school bus,” Drucker said in a statement. “Through an approach that emphasizes education, deterrence and enforcement as part of a comprehensive plan, the legislature has taken an important step towards protecting families and children in all corners of the country. our county. initiative to bear fruit. “


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