Save $161 on Sachtler’s Ace M Fluid Head and Tripod, now $599 at B&H

B&H is helping independent filmmakers by offering a $161 discount on the impressive Sachtler Ace M System Fluid Head and Tripod, now on sale for $599.

Sachtler’s Ace M system combines its Ace M fluid ball head with 75mm bowl and a two-stage aluminum tripod, one of the best video tripods, equipped with a mid-level spreader. Designed for cinema-style digital cameras, the Ace M Black Edition supports rigs weighing up to 8.8 pounds. This system is also suitable for larger DSLR and mirrorless cameras, as well as professional-style cine cameras.

(Image credit: Sachtler)

The Ace M Fluid Head features five stages of counterbalance and three stages of pan and tilt drag adjustment, as well as a zero-drag option for pan and tilt. The cameras are mounted using the sliding balance plate for quick locking for steady shots or quick access when you want to shoot handheld on the tripod.

With a 4.1″ sliding range, this head can be adapted to a variety of rig setups and additional features include a removable straight pan bar and bubble level to ensure those horizons are level The Ace M also features an integrated flat head base, so it can be used when shooting with a slider.

This 75mm bowl base combo has a height range of 30.7 to 66.5 inches and features a built-in mid-level spreader that helps quickly adjust the tripod to flat or uneven surfaces so you can snap the shot as quickly as possible while keeping everything balanced, and most importantly stable. The rubber tripod feet at the base of the two-stage legs can be removed, exposing the dual spikes for added stability outdoors or for shooting in wet conditions, also an added bonus when out in the field. Shooting for the day, you can quickly shrink the Ace M Black Edition down to 33″ and pack it in the included padded case, making it the perfect solution for independent filmmakers looking for a sturdy solution to hold their camera rigs and improve their cinematography.

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