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Santa Clara, Calif. and Kyoto, Japan, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global semiconductor supplier ROHMtogether with SemiDrive Technology, a leading supplier of automotive-grade chips in China, today announced that they have signed a partnership to develop advanced technologies for the automotive field.

ROHM and SemiDrive have been engaged in a technology exchange since 2019, mainly on the development of applications for vehicle cockpits. As the first fruits of this effort, SemiDrive’s automotive SoC solution board (X9 series) equipped with ROHM PMIC is now available as a solution.

SemiDrive’s latest automotive SoCs (X9 series) have already been adopted by a number of automotive manufacturers to provide advanced functionality for cockpits and other vehicle applications. At the same time, ROHM SerDes integrated circuit achieves low power consumption by optimizing the video transmission rate, while ROHM’s PMICs not only incorporate the power system and functions required for the SoC, but also a high-speed response function that improves the power conversion efficiency and reduced component count. Both products combine low-noise technology and ISO 26262 functional safety standard compliance, maximizing automotive SoC specifications, contributing to greater power savings, miniaturization and safety in automotive applications. Through this partnership, the two companies will continue to contribute to technological innovation in the automotive field by collaborating in a wide range of areas, such as car infotainment, connectivity, ADAS and autonomous driving.

Maggie Qiu, CEO, Nanjing SemiDrive Technology Ltd.

As vehicles become more and more intelligent, the demand for automotive electronics and components also increases. We are very pleased to partner with ROHM, a world renowned semiconductor manufacturer. Working together will allow us to develop a domain controller solution for digital cockpits that meets both market and customer demands. At the same time, we look forward to broadening and deepening our partnership with ROHM in the future.

Kazuhide Ino, General Manager, CSO, ROHM Co., Ltd.

We are delighted to partner with SemiDrive, a company with extensive experience in automotive SoCs. As ADAS evolves and cockpits become more multifunctional, the performance of vehicle cameras and video transmission technology must improve, increasing the role of semiconductors such as SerDes integrated circuits. To this end, we will continue to deepen exchanges with SemiDrive and accelerate the development of a wide range of products using ROHM’s cutting-edge technologies that can contribute to the future evolution of electric vehicles by providing solutions that combine peripheral components.

SemiDrive’s X9H solution board equipped with ROHM products

In addition to SemiDrive’s cockpit X9H SoC, a solution board is available that integrates memory, audio I/F, Ethernet port and communication module, as well as ROHM’s SerDes IC (for display/ camera) and the PMIC. This makes it possible to offer a cockpit solution that allows up to four screen projections.

Users can run multiple operating systems (OS) on a single X9H based on SemiDrive’s unique hardware virtualization support capabilities and share access to CPU/GPU and other resources through the integrated hardware security management. At the same time, the use of pin-to-pin compatible products allows complete performance upgrades and applications to be changed quickly without circuit modifications.

SemiDrive Automotive SoC X9 Series

ROHM SerDes and PMIC ICs

SerDes ICs that provide high-speed data transmission and PMICs that manage multiple power systems are increasingly used in cockpits and other vehicle applications. For more information, see these press releases:

About SemiDrive Technology

SemiDrive is committed to providing high-performance, high-reliability automotive-grade chips for future smart travel and has become the first “four certifications in one” automotive-grade chip company. SemiDrive has successively obtained certifications such as ISO 26262 ASIL D Highest Functional Safety Process, AEC-Q100 Reliability, ISO 26262 Functional Safety Product, and China Commercial Encryption Product Certification. SemiDrive’s products and solutions covered four main activities: intelligent e-cockpit, autopilot, central gateway and high-performance MCU, and oriented to each basic application scenario of the future intelligent vehicle. SemiDrive has achieved mass production of automotive-grade chips, served more than 260 customers, and covered over 80% of automakers in China. Please visit the SemiDrive website for more information:

About ROHM Co., Ltd.

ROHM, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and electronic components, was established in 1958. From the automotive and industrial equipment markets to the consumer and communications sectors, ROHM provides integrated circuits, electronic components discrete and electronic components offering superior quality and reliability through a global sales and development network. . Our strengths in the analog and power supply markets allow us to offer optimized solutions for complete systems that combine peripheral components (i.e. transistors, diodes, resistors) with the latest SiC power devices as well as driver ICs that maximize their performance. Please visit the ROHM website for more information:


  • SerDes Integrated Circuit: Generic term for integrated circuits typically used in pairs to convert communication methods for the purpose of high-speed data transmission. The serializer converts data into a form that can be easily transmitted at high speed (parallel-to-serial data) while the deserializer converts the transmitted data back into its original form (serial-to-parallel data).
  • PMIC (Power Management IC): An integrated circuit that contains multiple power systems and power management and sequence control functions on a single chip. It is becoming increasingly common in applications with multiple power systems in the automotive and consumer sectors by dramatically reducing development space and burden compared to conventional circuit layouts using individual components (i.e. -d. DC/DC, LDO, discrete).


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