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More than a year and a half after Williamsport-Pajamas Factory welcomed the community to the studio, tenants at the factory decided it was time to host an open studio event. We will be attending both old and new tenants from 6pm to 9pm on October 1st.

Factory Works Photo Lab at Studio 9-206 will begin at 6 p.m. with upcoming fall classes and assignments, including a Kaphenol Print Shop, which will create gelatin silver prints in the darkroom using coffee. instant and other household items. Advertise the store. Those interested in registering can register by paying in advance by cash, check or credit card.

Please access the following tenants.

  • Marsha Turner Pluhar at Studio 9-203 welcomes the general public who visit her studio for an open house.
  • Lynne M Becker, a studio at 9-207, will host an open house that will showcase her encaustic paintings, written language and alternative photographic processes.
  • The artist narrator Joan Landis, Bâtiment 10, Galerie 1307 presents a wide selection of paintings.
  • Factory Works Clay Studios in Studio 10-226 is hosting an open house that focuses on their lineup, equipment, and the work of their members.

These are just a few of the more than 20 studios that open the door to the community and welcome tours or revisits.

“The First Friday at the Pajama Factory in October of this year is an opportunity for the general public to revisit the pajama factory and see what we’ve been up to,” said Brian Spise, committee member of the ‘event. to augment. “I look forward to seeing how our community continues to grow and prosper, and all of the changes that have occurred during your absence. In the end, with a welcome return. I want to say. “

Below is a list of all participating studios.

  • Wilgoddard from Studio 9-201 will present his candles / rocks / clocks / steampunk lamps / sculptures.
  • Marsha Turner-Pluhar, Studio 9-203 invites the general public to visit her studio for an open day.
  • Keeley Kelch-Keeley Loy Photography, Studio 9-205 promotes her photos.
  • David Becker of Studio 9-209 will be hosting a fall art sale! Includes a variety of ceramic works, graphite drawings and paint prints at 50% off the regular price for the night only!
  • Lynne M Becker, Studio 9-207, her photography, alternative photography process, encaustic painting, non-fictional writer-life event, caregiver / dementia story, story of their life and the joy of others, And focus on the encaustic one-on-one Painting Workshop.
  • Abdul Malik Walker at Studio 9-210s provides first aid CPR training.
  • Sarah Neubold at Studio 7-245 creates mixed art works and offers a variety of art creation classes for all ages.
  • Toddleys, Studio 7-243 is open to the public and shares his paintings and sculptures.
  • Paul Clacher: Coloring Your World, Studio 7-250 will present his watercolors and colored pencils.
  • Gallery 1307 will feature a large selection of paintings by regional narrative artist Joan Landis and solo guitar tunes by Loris Smith.
  • Chad Andrews: Studio Paper +, Studio 10-230 sells cards and prints.
  • Janet Sherman from Studio 10-221 will present her jewelry and mixed media work.
  • Marcheisha Valentine, Studio 9-322 promotes her beauty service.
  • Courtney Fowler, Studio 9-338, sells her resin, wreaths, mixed media, polymer clay and various crafts and accepts shipments.
  • Leslie James of Studio 7-330 sells fine art and hand-sewn purses and tote bags.
  • Francesca Neville, Studio 7-306 sells used clothing and accessories.
  • Chris Basham of Studio 7-312E focuses on his web design, development, marketing, search engine optimization and accessibility.
  • Jordan Diament, Studio 7-407 showcases his original artwork, prints and maps.
  • Fat Pasta, Studio 6-11 sells homemade pasta.
  • The White Knight game room and Eric’s edibles on the ground floor of buildings 5 ​​and 6 will open to showcase their products. There will also be a regular game schedule on Friday.
  • Factory Works Photolab, Studio 9-206, will promote upcoming fall classes and workshops, including the Kaphenol Print Shop, which creates photo prints using instant coffee and other household items in the dark room. Those interested in registering can register by paying in advance by cash, check or credit card.
  • Factory Works Clay Studio, Studio 10-226, is hosting an open house that focuses on their lineup, equipment and the work of their members.
  • The Williamsport Community Wood Shop at the south end of the yard will showcase the programming and work created by the members.

PJ Factory Jam will take place in the community hall from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. House groups include Loris Smith, Jerome Bennett and other local musicians. Musicians of all ages are encouraged and invited to participate in the jam.

The pajama factory is located at 1307 Park Avenue in Williamsport. Entrance to the event is free. Please note that As per current CDC and Pennsylvania Health Department guidelines, all participants, regardless of immunization status, will need a mask if they are unable to maintain a safe social distance inside and out. outside. For more information on Pajamas Factory, please visit: Or email [email protected]..

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Pajamas Factory “Open Studio Event”: The Williamsport creative community welcomes you! | Opinion

Pajamas Factory “Open Studio Event”: The Williamsport creative community welcomes you! | Opinion


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