Nye County destinations top the list of the state’s 7 weirdest wonders

Nye County destinations top Travel Nevada’s inaugural “Seven Weirdest Wonders” list.

The National Tourism Organization says a few local sites are among those that “can transform holidaymakers by opening their eyes to things they never imagined”.

The list released ahead of the national plan for Holiday Day 2022, a day that encourages people to plan their well-deserved time off, includes Clown Motel in Tonopah and Goldwell Open Air Museum in Beatty.

It was organized by Travel Nevada’s team of experts who traveled to every corner of the state before making their choice.

It includes historic, man-made and natural places that must be visited to be believed, all destinations specifically chosen for 2022 – as travel is expected to rebound to pre-pandemic levels, these places will help visitors make up for lost time.

Also on the list are the Republic of Molossia, a sovereign country just east of Carson City; International Car Forest of the Last Church, an outdoor gallery featuring more than 40 graffiti cars; Garnet Hill – a treasure hunt for semi-precious stones meets an extinct volcano; the gateway to the famous extraterrestrial highway, the Center for Extraterrestrial Research; and the Fly Geyser.

Here is a complete list of places that made the list of the Seven Strangest Wonders:

Republic of Molossus – Want to experience international travel but not ready to really travel abroad? Just minutes east of Nevada’s capital, Molossia has been an official, independent, sovereign country within Nevada for over 40 years. At 6.3 acres, Molossia has its own bizarre laws, as well as a currency tied to the value of cookie dough. Visitors can even have their passport stamped, as it is recognized as a micronation.

Last Church International Car Forest – This open-air gallery features more than 40 graffiti cars, each a unique masterpiece. The “Forest” has no artist statement or newsletter, so visitors are free to interpret the surrounding art in unlimited ways.

Clown Motel – Located next to a historic cemetery, Clown Motel in Tonopah is the perfect place to overcome your fear of clowns – or maybe make it worse? We’ll let you decide. Whatever your purpose, this motel has arguably the largest private collection of clown-themed memorabilia and is a landmark that makes Nevada unique.

Goldwell Open Air Museum – Among some of the most distinctive pieces of experiential art in the world is the Goldwell Open Air Museum. More of an “experience” than a “museum,” Goldwell has seven colossal structures, including a ghostly life-size version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting; a 25-foot pink lady built of cinder blocks; and a shiny tangle of chrome car accessories.

garnet hill – Think semi-precious gemstone treasure hunt encounter an extinct volcano. This incredible public recreation area has captured national attention for its beautiful dark red garnets, which were scattered after a volcano erupted 32 to 40 million years ago. While these garnets may not be the kind you’ll find at your favorite jewelry store, the opportunity to handpick gemstones strewn across the high desert land makes for fun memories – and free memories!

Extraterrestrial Research Center – Almost everyone has heard of Area 51. While you definitely can’t storm it (seriously, you’ll be arrested before you can say “ET”), you can enter the Alien Research Facility and get an idea of ​​what those little green creatures might have found after crashing into the area. As the gateway to the famous alien highway, the Alien Research Center is the perfect way to start your own alien hunt. Alien enthusiasts and skeptics alike will be sure to stop by the gift shop to stock up on various alien-related trinkets during this unique Nevada experience.

Flying Geyser – Imagine digging a hole in the middle of the desert and suddenly being sprayed with hot water as if you hit a pipe. You walk away, only to learn that years later this hole is still spitting, but is now a 12-foot geyser surrounded by a rainbow of colored rocks. This is essentially how Fly Geyser was born, and after more than 100 years since the first “pipe” was hit, people can still come and see this ever-spewing natural fountain in all its beauty.

“Travelers seek to visit places that satisfy their curiosity, and this list includes attractions that are lesser known in the wider travel industry. These are places that only exist in Nevada, which makes them particularly rare. and appealing to travelers looking for great travel stories,” said Tracie Barnthouse of Travel Nevada.

Barnthouse said Travel Nevada wanted to highlight places that can only be found in the Silver State.

“Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from in Nevada, and while we can’t include them all in one list, these seven are particularly relevant to what travelers crave in 2022 – transformative experiences and off the beaten track- gems on the way,” Barnthouse said.

Travelers are reminded to bring a charged phone to take photographic evidence of what they saw and encountered, according to the press release. To share stories with others who have experienced the Seven Weirdest Wonders, visitors can tag #WeirdNevada.

“This list includes places that span the entire state, encouraging visitors (and Nevada residents) to explore our unique and amazing rural towns and public lands,” Barnthouse said. “The terrain around many of these locations offers incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation, so we hope travelers will take their time and explore the city beyond the places on the list. We will continue to promote all opportunities incredible offers that Nevada offers to travelers throughout the year through our various marketing initiatives.

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