No high-res CCTV cameras for five key police wings

UT’s five key police wings, including the Cybercrime Investigation Cell (CCIC) and the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW), are not in the list of locations chosen for the facility. high resolution CCTV cameras.

While Chandigarh Smart City Ltd, which has already installed the 604 cameras in 17 police stations, claims that it is operating in accordance with “UT Police requirements”, information accessed via an RTI query revealed that three of the five wings have their own cameras that were installed years ago.

The new cameras installed in police stations are powerful and their recorded images cannot be tampered with.

The Five Wings – Crime Branch, Sector 11; Operations Cell, Sector 26; District Criminal Investigation Cell (DCIC), Sector 24; CCIC, Sector 17; and EOW, Sector 17 – work independently and are primarily tasked with combating organized crime.

Smart City Managing Director NP Sharma said, “We have installed the CCTV cameras as per the requirements of the Chandigarh Police. The police department sends us their requirement with the location. Almost all installed CCTV cameras have started working.”

In response to an RTI query filed by The Indian Express, the police department revealed that the EOW already has four CCTV cameras while the Crime Branch has two. He further revealed that although no independent cameras have been installed at the operations cell, which monitors terrorist activities, some cameras installed at the Sector 26 police station cover the wing. Similarly, the recently formed DCIC lacks independent CCTV cameras. The response revealed that five cameras installed at the Sector 24 police station cover the DCIC premises.

Incidentally, the RTI filed by The Indian Express had also revealed that a total of 157 CCTV cameras installed in various police stations and posts in Chandigarh had developed 13,699 faults over the past five years.

RTI’s response had also revealed that, contrary to the above, at least 18 cameras installed in the office of the Director General of Police (DGP) (UT), Praveer Ranjan, Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) (UT) Kuldeep Singh Chahal, and other parts of Sector 9 Police Headquarters have reported no misconduct for the past five years.

At least eight CCTV cameras are installed in Ranjan’s office and nine in Chahal’s office.

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