NICKMERCS explains why it avoids Modern Warfare 2

Posted: 2022-10-31T09:50:09

Updated: 2022-10-31T09:56:44

Twitch star Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff has explained why he’s not diving straight into Modern Warfare 2 like so many of his peers.

With the long-awaited release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 finally here, many CoD fans and streamers have been diving straight into Infinity Ward’s new offering.

Even though the new game is still in its infancy, opinions are quite divided among fans, especially when it comes to the layout of the new maps and how you build and unlock new weapons.

In the case of NICKMERCS, while it is used to dominating in Search and Destroy, it has moved away from Call of Duty over the past few months. In fact, he’s not even planning to dive into Modern Warfare 2 anytime soon.

NICKMERCS will not play Modern Warfare 2 yet

With the latest CoD going live, the Twitch star was asked by fans and other content creators why he wasn’t getting involved.

“I have the Apex pro league in a week, man. If someone comes here like why am I not playing TDM, man, you’re mad,” Nick said. “This shit is gonna be hot for a few days and then it’s gonna die.

“I don’t plan to play the new CoD, at least for the time being. I’m so locked in to goals coming up and stuff, then.

The FaZe Clan star noted that he would “definitely play” in Warzone 2, but right now he’s focused entirely on Apex Legends and working with his Tripod teammates.

Considering his background in Call of Duty and the fact that you’ll need a multiplayer attachment to upgrade to Warzone 2, it probably won’t be long before Nick dives into the new game. But, for now, everything revolves around Apex.

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