New security cameras are installed in Oakland Chinatown



OAKLAND (KRON) – New security cameras are being installed throughout Oakland Chinatown.

This is an added layer of security in an area hit hard in the past year by criminals targeting members of the AAPI community.

Chinatown Chamber of Commerce chairman Carl Chan said the surveillance cameras would serve as a deterrent for those wishing to commit crimes as well as an investigative tool to help police identify suspects.

Twenty surveillance cameras were donated by San Mateo’s cloud-based video security service, Verkada Inc.

Chan wants to assure the public that these surveillance cameras will not be used to spy on people who come to Chinatown.

“You have to assess. It must be linked to crime. It has to be about something, not watching over others, ”Chan said.

It is important to note that security cameras are not used as a substitute for police patrols in this area.

“In Chinatown, we support the police presence. We are against police funding. Any Oakland District that they don’t like the police to patrol that area, we urge them to send their police to our area. We welcome them, ”said Albert Wong, who lives in Oakland Chinatown.

The Temple Sinai Reform Synagogue in Oakland is also supporting Chinatown’s security efforts by funding the cost of installing cameras on 10th Street and Webster, with the goal of adopting the Franklin camera installation in Harrison and the 7th to 12th street.


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