Nassau Legislature Unanimously Endorses Use of Police Body Cameras



Police officers in Nassau County will soon be equipped with body cameras.

The Nassau Legislature has unanimously approved the use of body cameras by police officers. The decision to deploy the cameras is welcomed by both police reform advocates and police unions.

“It’s a positive thing,” attorney Fred Brewington said. “For them, having to wear body cameras as part of their uniforms brings them, at least in part, into the 21st century.”

There are also questions about how the body cameras will be used and what happens if they are not used correctly. The Nassau County Police Department said officers would be trained when to turn their cameras on and when to turn them off.

Brewington says more details are needed. He wonders what discipline will happen if the cameras aren’t on or working.

Nassau PBA President James McDermott said: “The use of body cameras in Nassau County will only showcase the exceptional professionalism of Nassau County police officers and reaffirm to the public the dangers that face our members as they continue to sacrifice their own health, safety and well-being to ensure that Nassau is the safest place to live in America. “

The Nassau Police Commissioner said the department is working on policies and procedures and will release them once completed.

The body camera pilot program is expected to begin in September.


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