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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd., a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) based in Ritto, Shiga Prefecture, expands its metal 3D printing service offering with the addition of Digital metalmetal binder projection system.

The new service, which will begin on July 15, includes prototype production and contract production by metal 3D (three-dimensional) printers applying laser-based metal additive manufacturing technologies. In addition to its previously offered Directed Energy Deposition (DED) metal 3D printers for large scale parts, the Company will add services using metal binder jet 3D printers for small scale parts. The expanded range of services will allow the manufacture of a full range of metal parts, from small 1mm components to very large scale parts exceeding 1 meter.

The addition to the MHI machine tool line is Digital metalthe DMP2500 metal 3D printer. The BJT technology of the DMP2500 not only enables extremely precise manufacturing, but is also designed specifically for high volume production. Currently, MHI Machine Tool has provided metal printing services by applying the unique DED technology of LAMDA AM systems; now, with the introduction of a different type of printer, the company can meet a wide range of metal 3D printing needs and offer and supply the optimum manufacturing method and equipment for each part.

MHI Machine Tool signed a contract with Digital Metal in July 2020 for the marketing of its DMP2500 and other metal 3D printers in Japan. By adding these BJT type systems to its own sales portfolio, MHI Machine Tool will be able to offer a broad portfolio of not only sales but also after sales services.

While metal 3D printers are gaining attention for their innovative advancements in production processes, they also present challenges related to the difficulty of their production and quality assurance, etc. With the further expansion of services, MHI Machine Tool will focus on providing manufacturing additive solutions, including the provision of related expertise, to accelerate early adaptation to production parts.

Going forward, MHI Machine Tool will expand its metal printing service structure from small scale high precision items to very large scale items, enabling the company to meet a wide range of prototype production needs. and contract production. In this way, MHI Machine Tool will encourage manufacturers to expand into part manufacturing using metal 3D printers and contribute to the industrial supply chain as a whole.


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