Messums Wiltshire: Sophie Green: Showtime


Messums Wiltshire presents a personal exhibition of a young documentary photographer Sophie Green.

Sophie Green’s photographs celebrate the creativity, uniqueness and eccentricities of under-represented subcultures in Britain, often in a playful and light-hearted way. Her camera is a way to access the people and landscapes that attract her, immortalizing the fashion styles, poses and accessories displayed at social gatherings. Merging portraits and still lifes, Green’s photographs are imbued with a sense of surprise and a love for the theatrical and the unexpected. His work pushes the boundaries of traditional social documentary with a balance between spontaneity and stylized constructions. Her images skillfully enhance the colors, shapes and textures that characterize the environments she encounters. Combining works from the “Gypsy Gold”, “A Day at the Races” and “Dented Pride” series in a unique exhibition, the “Showtime” exhibition offers a glimpse into the joyful and tender photographic practice of Sophie Green.

Sophie Green (born 1991) is a London-based social documentary and art photographer. After a degree in photography at the London College of Fashion, her work explored aspects of British culture and communities that are united by a shared identity, passion or cultural heritage. She strives to find the glue that unites these individuals together as a collective; leading him to explore the realms of travelers, tram culture, banger and stock car racing, tug-of-war, British cowboy culture, spiritualist African churches and congregations of Aladura and salons of afro hairstyle. Many of her projects develop over several years to deepen her understanding of the communities she photographs and honor the lives of the subjects. Green is drawn to the details that surround her subjects as a way to reveal a deeper story of the person and the place.

Sophie Green: Showtime

October 23 – November 28, 2021

Messums Wiltshire

Place Farm, Court Street, Tisbury, SP3 6LW


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