Maine Chickadee Gets Her Close Up Trail Camera

Oh, spring!

Once the cold temperatures and snowy conditions ease, Maine’s wondrous assortment of wildlife seems to come alive with renewed intensity.

If you need a little proof, check out today’s videos, courtesy of our friend Barak Gurney. His video camera, which overlooks a busy spot in the woods behind his house.

Today’s offerings provide insight into some of our feathered friends, who are no doubt happy to see food sources being discovered and things starting to green up a bit.

As usual, the birdhouse erected late last year continues to be a popular focal point for wildlife. This time, rather than the deer picking the apple snack from the box, a black-capped chickadee explores the possibility of making the house his home.

In the other part, a male turkey walks calmly through the scene, checking out the surroundings.

Thanks again to Barak for the videos!

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