Magee Marsh spotlights spring birding

A blue-winged teal, the second smallest duck in North America, takes off from the waters of Magee Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary. The teal prefers shallow waters full of insects and seeds. Some Blue-winged Teals nest in Magee and other Lake Erie marshes. (Tim Daniel, Ohio Wildlife Division, photo)

COLUMBUS — The bird walk at Magee Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary will reopen April 15 after repairs were made following storm damage, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.

The Magee Marsh Wildlife Area and popular boardwalk was damaged after a strong storm hit on August 10, 2021. Winds of up to 70 mph toppled many large trees along the parking lot and waterfront boardwalk of sea.

Work has been done to remove necessary trees and repair the boardwalk, allowing it to reopen for the spring birding season. A small section near the middle of the boardwalk will remain closed due to a new bald eagle nest.

Improvements to the boardwalk include updates to the two observation decks at the west end and increased accessibility for those using wheelchairs or scooters. New this year, only monopods are allowed on the boardwalk from May 1-15. Tripods can be used as monopods during this period.

The Bird Center will close from May 16 to spring 2023 for renovations. Find more information about birding in Magee Marsh at


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