Lost Ark Sorceress Beginner’s Guide: Skills, Tripods, Engravings

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Lost Ark is the latest MMO to launch in the west, with plenty of new content and classes to browse through. One of them is the Sorceress, an elementalist who commands the power of fire, ice, and lightning to inflict damage. We created this guide for those who want to forget what to expect from the Witch of the Lost Ark. You can expect an overview of Lost Ark Sorceress skills, tripods, and general gameplay tips to get the most out of the advanced class.

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The Lost Ark Witch’s Guide

The purpose of this Lost Ark Sorceress guide is to help beginners get an idea of ​​what to expect from the class in the Western release of Lost Ark. The theory behind this guide looks at what players are already doing in Russia and Korea, helping to paint a picture of how the Sorceress works with different endgame builds.

Additionally, this Lost Ark Sorceress guide will also highlight Sorceress skills and tripods. All of this means that the class has a variety of skills, which can be upgraded later to provide additional benefits, such as bigger, meaner, or more utility-oriented skills, for example.

Finally, we’ll explain Lost Ark lingo. Lost Ark has many class features that use words that are not directly familiar, allowing you to better understand the important aspects of the class that you will eventually unlock.

Witch of the Lost Ark Skills and Tripods

The Witch commands fire, ice and lightning to kill her enemies.

This section will look at the current T3 builds that players are running. This is how you can get an idea of ​​what types of skills in Lost Ark Sorceress you will level up and upgrade in the late game. We’ll also highlight some things you need to know before giving you examples of variable endgame builds.

If you’re wondering what Tripod means, it simply means your skill buffs. Think of it like a gem in Path of Exile, except with a more traditional MMORPG talent tree. There are usually shared tripods for skills within a class’ skills, and some even reappear in different advanced classes or subclasses, if you will.

When you start playing this class, you will have fewer skills and will need to unlock some as you level up. Feel free to play around with the early abilities and see which ones you like the most. This way you can also learn your class and try out combos yourself.

Regardless of build, you’re going to want Lightning Vortex or Blaze, as they both have a tripod skill called Damage Amplification that increases the damage enemies take from your party by 6%. It’s one of the things that makes Sorceress great for usefulness, and it’s great for you and your partygoers along the way.

Witch Identity Skills

Identity skills basically mean a character’s ultimate ability. Some classes in Lost Ark have two, while others have one. In this case, the Witch has two Identity skills: Arcane Rupture and Blink. You can spend a portion of your Arcane Gauge, which you passively refill while dealing damage to enemies. You can use one of these skills at 30%.

Arcane Break is your DPS identity skill, which increases your skill damage while in form. However, if you use Arcane Rupture at 100% filled, it turns into arcane torrent and grants even more benefits. During this time, Flash is your survival skill, which gives you a 15 meter teleport that can do piercing damage to enemies between you and your new teleport location,

Witch of the Lost Ark Ignition Skills and Tripods

This build uses Witch Skills and Tripods which deal much higher damage and uses Magick Amplification Tripod on multiple skills. This tripod increases skill damage while in your Z identity skills, which you can use when building up energy from using skills on your enemies.

Witch Skills What he does Witch Tripod 1 Witch Tripod 2 Witch Tripod 3
Flambé Line attack that sends fire forward and paralyzes enemies. Damage Amplification charged flame Eternal flame
judgment Day Calls down a powerful fire meteor from the sky that crashes and bursts upon impact. Ignition Asteroid Magic Amplification
Estoric reaction Send arrows to a location and knock enemies back. Quick preparation Improved Strike stabilized crystal
Explosion Launch accelerated time to launch a firebomb that explodes on impact Ignite Detection of weak points Magic Amplification
The call of the frost Forst AOE effect placed on the ground that deals damage multiple times over a period of time Clarification Improved Rules Improved Strike
Hell AoE fire attack Rift Acceleration charged flame Firepower supplement
lightning whirlwind Ground lightning area that deals damage and brings crowds together. Damage Amplification Big angle ferocious lightning
Punitive Strike Thunderbolt from the sky. Mind improvement Shock Magic Amplification
Frost Strike Multiple Ice Arrows fly to damage inflicting locations Clarification Piercing Strike Ice pick

Witch of the Lost Ark Ebb Skills & Tripods

This version uses skills and tripods that cause more sustained damage. The Reflux build is much more reliable as it requires your skills to hit for the moment, rather than staying where they are.

Witch Skills What he does Witch Tripod 1 Witch Tripod 2 Witch Tripod 3
Flambé Line attack that sends fire forward and paralyzes enemies. Damage Amplification flame explosion Eternal flame
The touch of Elgian Bullet proof vest Quick preparation Quick footwork Your choice
Estoric reaction Send arrows to a location and knock enemies back. Quick preparation Improved Strike stabilized crystal
The call of the frost The Forst AOE effect is placed on the ground which deals damage multiple times in a channel. Clarification Improved Rules Improved Strike
Thunderbolt Hurls lightning at the targeted area. Stabilize Large branched
lightning whirlwind Lightning zone on the ground that deals damage and brings monsters closer. Damage Amplification Big angle ferocious lightning
Punitive Strike Thunderbolt from the sky. Mind improvement Inevitable fate Magic Amplification
Reverse gravity Inflict AOE damage around the player character. Large lava area Detection of weak points
Seraphic hail Sends a tidal wave of hail at the enemy. Quick preparation Advanced hail Red hail

Witch of the Lost Ark Engravings

Lost Ark Witch Class Engravings
Here are the Witch Class Engravings.

There are two class engravings for the Witch of the Lost Ark, which are Igniter and Reflux. When you get to the end of the game, you can choose which of these class engravings you want, which helps determine your playstyle.

If you like big gusts on impact, then Igniter it’s your thing. However, if you like heavy reviews and strong casting, then Reflux will be more for you. See above for the types of skills and tripods you will use for respected class engravings.

As with other engravings, you are going to want engravings that increase your damage. This includes prints like Grudge, which increases the damage you deal to bosses, while also increasing damage taken. Be warned that this might not be the best move if you are still learning from fighting or how to play against opponents in PvP. But, if you’re comfortable dodging enemy attacks, it’s a great burn to use.

On the other hand, you will also want to consider Precise Daggeras it increases your critical damage and critical strike chance, while cursed doll increases your attack power. It’s not that important on Reflux because you get more crit tripods anyway, but on Ignition it’s good for that extra crit in your huge burst windows.

You will like also Adrenalinewhich is good for increasing your damage that stacks based on your damage output. Any attack on is a good choice for players who opt for channeled skills as it increases damage and casting speed.

You might even get MAX MP Increase Where magic flow if you find you have poor mana management. Suppose you also make content that will hurt you. In this case, you can even opt for Heavy Armor Engraving, which increases your total defense skill by 20%, 50%, or 100%, depending on the level of Heavy Armor Engraving.

Most of these Witch prints are situational and revolve around your personal issues and circumstances. Keep this in mind when building your character for the content you make.

Lost Ark Awakening Skills

Each class in Lost Ark has two different awakenings. You get the first one at level 50, and then you can unlock another one later. The Witch’s awakening skills include a skill that summons a field of crashing meteors from the sky, while another creates a giant static dome that deals damage to enemies stuck inside. The second is much more reliable, but the first may assume more that the RNG of meteor hits is on your side.

Lost Ark Witch Gems

Like most MMOs, gems are a feature that adds extra power to your character through an external gear system. Gems tend to add additional bonuses to the character, such as skill speed, cooldown reductions, identity skill generation and more.

Witch’s Gems are a bit tricky and entirely dependent on your class burning playstyle. The Igniter version requires identity gauge generation gems, as your build will scale much more with the Arcane Torrent and Rupture identity skills. Meanwhile, sustained Reflux construction requires much more cooldown reduction gems to work. This should guide you to a general idea of ​​what great Sorceress gems are, depending on your end playstyle.

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