Local firefighters rescue puppy from 25-foot-deep well



On Thursday evening, several Habersham County fire departments were dispatched to a house in Cornelia where a puppy had fallen into a well.

Carlos Huerta’s German Shepherd puppy Zuko had fallen 25 feet deep into an open well in Huerta’s backyard and was crying for help. The well was too deep for Huerta to reach – and that’s when Huerta called emergency services. Fire units from Demorest, Habersham County and Cornelia came to the rescue and were all on the scene within 10 minutes to save the frightened puppy.

Firefighters work together to set up a tripod, which would lower Demorest firefighter Sam Ausburn into the well to save the pup. (Chad Black / Habersham Emergency Services)

Demorest firefighter Sam Ausburn was lowered into the well after firefighters set up a tripod over the well, retrieved Zuko and both returned to the surface safely.

“It was forever, but I think they did it really fast,” Huerta says. He tells Now Habersham that although he was nervous, the firefighter’s calm demeanor put him at ease in a nerve-racking situation that no pet owner wants to be in.

After the successful extraction, Zuko’s second paws touched the ground, he chased his sister, happy to be reunited with her. Huerta says Zuko was a bit shaken up after the rescue, but after a vet check-up for peace of mind, Zuko is doing very well. He says Zuko is doing well and in a good mood.

“These type calls are always ‘feel good and go through the day’ responses for our staff, but citizens should know that all units would have been available to answer other calls during this time if necessary,” he said. said Habersham, director of emergency services, Chad. Black said. “I appreciate the working relationship between our departments and the dedication of the staff to see something like this call for a successful resolution.”

Now Huerta just wants to say to the firefighters who rescued Zuko “thank you”.

“Thanks for taking the time to help me,” he said, “[For] get my dog ​​out of the well, and thank you for coming so quickly and being such a great help.

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