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With the deployment of LiveU Solo wireless video encoders, Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) has for the first time managed to broadcast all basketball games in the state live.
The development dramatically increased the popularity of NBL1, Australia’s professional semi-elite basketball league in a year affected by the pandemic. NBL1 composed of South, North, Center and West Conferences with male and female competitions. Each conference is managed by their respective state governing body, with the league comprising 58 clubs from Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales.

There have been over 733,000 game views in the 2021 NBL1 season with over 16.2 million total minutes watched of NBL1 live broadcasts. The peak audience was also reflected on social media, where NBL1’s Instagram page recorded more than 3.36 million video views during the season, all using the vision generated from LiveU Solo.

The encoders have been deployed to arenas across Australia, using LiveU’s cloud platform to stream to online video platforms, allowing fans to watch over 900 live NBL1 games, including final matches and highlights. The LiveU Solo video solution provides wireless live streaming, directly from cameras or other video sources to online platforms or any other customizable web destination using LiveU’s Solo cloud platform.

The cloud-based remote production was powered by Australian broadcast services company, 5stream, online production platform, Cloudmix, and with LiveU’s local partner, Pacific Live Media, providing the Solo solution and local technical support.

Live streams are delivered directly by 5Stream on Sportsradar and the OTT streaming platform, NBL1 website and NBL app, bringing original data and viewing rights and creating monetization opportunities, such as referrals . Highlights are also available on YouTube, and the grand finals were streamed on a third-party OTT platform, Kayo Sports.

“LiveU has been a game-changer for Australian basketball, allowing us to engage sports fans across the country with exciting, high-quality live coverage for the best video experience. We dreamed of bringing NBL1 games to from Australian states and LiveU’s 4G linked IP technology made it possible, allowing us to reliably stream from any location, anytime, eliminating our previous single point of failure problem, ”a explained NBL1 general manager Dean Anglin.

“The setup was incredibly straightforward, requiring minimal training for our ground staff – one training session with the kits and they are good to go! The live streaming of the matches strengthened the NBL1 brand and generated a strong increase in interest in basketball. We have succeeded in increasing the number of eyeballs online through profitable production. Currently we have 75 Solo units, and that number is expected to increase to over 100 for the coming season. Single-camera and multi-camera workflows were implemented in different arenas, as part of a cloud-based remote production solution, which allowed us to manage everything from one location. central. Solo units are seamlessly integrated with our Canon cameras, floor tripods and other production equipment centrally, including graphics overlays and business integration.


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