Launch of the Benro TablePod Flex – Compact tripod with hidden flexible legs

Benro recently launched a new travel-friendly tripod: the Benro TablePod Flex. This lightweight and compact tripod has three carbon fiber legs. Once you unscrew the bottom rubber feet, you will discover three flexible feet hidden inside. Then you can swap out one or more rigid legs and turn the Benro TablePod Flex into a “Gorillapod-like” vlogging tripod. Let’s take a closer look!

Benro is well known for making compact and user-friendly tripods for content creators like their recent MeFOTO RoadTrip Pro. But, if you’ve ever shot a vlog or even vacation videos, you’ve probably discovered how much a versatile camera support tool can make your life easier.

If you’re looking for a great mix between a tabletop tripod, a flexible tripod, and a vlogging selfie stick, Benro’s new TablePod Flex might be for you.

Image credit: Benro

Benro TablePod Flex Features

The Benro TablePod Flex is a compact tripod with a weight of only 0.95 lbs/0.43 kg. Out of the box, it looks like any tabletop tripod with an Arca-Swiss-standard built-in ball head.

Image credit: Benro

The ball head features 360° panoramic rotation with an integrated panoramic scale and two 90° notches to quickly change from landscape to portrait mode.

Image credit: Benro

Additionally, the TablePod Flex Kit includes an adjustable phone holder with a cold shoe mount that fits most smartphones.

Image credit: Benro

At the base of the tripod legs you will find two 1/4″-20 mounting points for attaching additional accessories or connecting the flexible legs.

Image credit: Benro

Versatility of tripod legs

The TablePod Flex comes with three adjustable tripod legs. You can adjust the angle of each leg by pressing a button on the top of the legs. Additionally, there are rubber feet on the bottom of the legs for added stability.

Plus, one of the main selling points of this tripod is that you can unscrew the rubber feet and find the flexible feet hidden inside. The flexible legs have 1/4″-20 threads on each end. This means that you have several configuration options:

  • You can unscrew one or more rigid legs and replace them with flexible legs. And then wrap them around objects or the floor to create unique configurations.
Image credit: Benro
  • In addition, you can screw the flexible legs to the end of the rigid legs.
Image credit: Benro
  • Then you can screw the flexible legs together to create a larger selfie stick or lightweight tripod.
  • You can also screw one or two flexible legs to the base of the TablePod Flex to create a kind of “magic arm”.

As you can see, the possibilities with the TablePod Flex are endless, and a wide variety of combinations are possible with the rigid and flexible legs.

Image credit: Benro

Price and availability

The Benro TablePod Flex is available now for $159.95. The basic kit includes a tripod, three flexible feet, a smartphone adapter, a set of rubber feet and a small pouch. An auxiliary locking ring is also included, which avoids strain on the legs.

For more information, please visit Benro’s website here.

What do you think of this versatile new support solution from Benro? Do you often need a flexible tripod? Please let us know in the comments below!

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