Large Format Division RA Smart in New Agreement with Acuity


RA Smart Large Format, the new large-format equipment arm of the textile printing specialist, has signed an agreement with Fujifilm to supply its Acuity line of devices, with the first installation scheduled for January.

RA Smart rolled out its new large format hardware operation in January this year, having recruited former Amari Digital Printing Technologies sales manager Adam Booth in November 2020 specifically for the role.

RA Smart Large Format is the third business arm of the growing group, which also includes RA Smart CAD & Machinery and RA Smart Textiles.

Having worked for Fujifilm from 2007 to 2012, partner and director Booth said his lasting relationship with his former colleagues was key.

“It’s a team of people that I know very well and there are some really exciting new products that have been launched. We will initially be selling the Acuity Prime 20 and 30 models and Fujifilm has a roadmap of new products that we will have access to, ”Booth said of the agreement signed two weeks ago.

In its first year of operation, the new division, which already supplies HP, Mimaki and Summa kits, sold £ 1million worth of full-size kits, with the majority of revenue coming from seven Summa flat contracts.

“We started in two months of containment but despite everything we have had a fantastic year and now signing this deal with Fujifilm is really exciting,” he added.

“There are a lot of people for whom finishing and printing are now as important as printing itself. For a lot of people, they have a great printing kit but no decent finishing gear. So that’s been a real element of market growth, ”said Booth, who described the Summa line as“ very safe and more affordable, ”which helped drive sales.

The first two Acuity Prime devices ordered by RA Smart Large Format include the Model 20 which will be housed in its new demo room which will open at its Macclesfield headquarters in February next year. Meanwhile, the second, a customer order, will be installed at Ebbsfleet Printing Solutions, a Kent-based digital signage and printing company, in January.

“We have two more opportunities that we hope to close this year and I think one of them will definitely come to fruition which means we’re off to a good start,” said Booth.

Along with the Acuity, a Summa flatbed cutter will also be housed in the new demo space which, if Covid restrictions allow, will host a number of open house events marking the 50 years of the RA Smart group.e anniversary in 2022.

Going forward, Booth aims to double his turnover next year to £ 2million and plans to add another salesperson to the team, which includes himself as well as account manager Nick Bush. , a former Fujifilm colleague and seven sales engineers.


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