Labeltopia partners with VB for personalized beers


By Jan Arreza | December 10, 2021

The team that brought the Share a Coke name campaign to life, Labeltopia, created a new promotion in time for the summer, giving punters the option to order personalized VB bottles, using variable data digital printing. .

Personalized labels: have your name on VB stubbies this summer

Custom labels are printed on a Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 digital color label printing system. Customization space is a maximum of 18 characters (letters, numbers and some punctuation allowed), and is available for bottles of 375 ml of BV delivered in boxes of 24.

Labeltopia, which provides end-to-end solutions for personalized packaging, provides the e-commerce and fulfillment capabilities for the personalization campaign, including printing and finishing. Labeltopia was formerly known as Brewtopia and is now part of the Labelmakers group.

Jack Colvin, e-commerce and order fulfillment manager for Labeltopia, explained the process to Print21, he said, “Once the order is approved, it will go through our system, where we will then print the labels sequentially for each carton, using our Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 label press.”

“We then run each box through our labeling machine on VB Cleanskin. From there we put dividers, glue the box back together, send it down to print a barcode label as the main label, scan it on our system, then send it via AusPost to the customer. satisfied.

Carlton United Brewers, owner of VB, says the My Victoria Bitter campaign gives fans the chance to put a personal touch on the iconic Aussie stubby’s label.

Labelmakers Group acquired Labeltopia, formerly Brewtopia, in order to extend its value-added services to its partner brands.

The company has the in-house capacity to co-develop a personalization campaign for its brand partners, offering e-commerce platform management, digital label printing, label application, repackaging, picking and packaging, warehousing, national distribution and customer service management.

Drawing on its experience in e-commerce and order fulfillment, Labeltopia develops prototypes ranging from illustration file to labeled product, including the packaging required for shipping, in a range of categories such as food. and beverages, confectionery, and health and beauty.

“Our market offering revolves around large-scale personalization, but we also offer full e-commerce store development and shipping capabilities,” Colvin said.

“We are currently working in partnership with a few companies where we fully develop, design and run the e-commerce platforms and manage this entire process in-house. ”

Custom stubbies are now available for purchase through the Cellarbrations website for $ 125 a carton.


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