Konica Minolta US tackles toner factory fire



By Andy Slawetsky – On September 27, Konica Minolta released a statement regarding an explosion and fire at its Tatsuno supplies factory in Japan.

According to this statement, “The supply of toners for office products continues so that customers can continue to print. Regarding toners for digital printing on demand systems, we are trying to recover at an early stage, including the adoption of alternative toners… ”

When asked about the situation of US customers, Kay Fernandez, Deputy Director, Global DX Branding, SVP Marketing at Konica Minolta, replied this;

“We are grateful that there were no casualties from the explosion at the Konica Minolta Supplies Manufacturing plant.

Toner availability is largely based on global inventory, so supply implications will vary by region. We have been in close contact with our dealer community.

The entire Konica Minolta leadership team is committed to taking continuous action to minimize the impact on our dealers and customers. Maintaining and supporting our dealer community is one of our top priorities. “

More information on this story as it becomes available.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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