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Nikon China publishes (accidentally?) a 67 megapixel image on its main social network (Weibo). There’s no reason this photo wasn’t taken with Nikon’s camera. But Nikon doesn’t have a camera capable of shooting 67MP, which suggests that Nikon is developing an MP monster (medium format?).

Post Nikon China Weibo

Spotted by NikonRumorsNikon China posted four photos on its official website Weibo Account. It looks like the resolution of one of these photos is 67MP (6670×10000). You can check it for yourself by downloading the source from here. The image sparked debates among users who were surprised by the high megapixel count. Explore the slides below which show the image with its magnification.

The 67MP photo.  From Nikon China
The 67MP photo. From Nikon China
The 67MP photo.  From Nikon China
The 67MP photo. From Nikon China

Nikon currently does not have a camera with a 67MP sensor (Currently, Nikon cameras are not capable of capturing images above 50MP, including the Z9 flagship). Of course, the photo can be enlarged or taken with another camera. According to NikonRumor, a reverse image search of the photo yielded no results, narrowing the possibility that Nikon China is using a stock photo, and why should they? Also, why should Nikon upload a 67MP image to their social account, and what’s the point of doing it? Is it the Z8? We do not think so. The Z8 or even the speculated Z7 Mark III will sit between the Z7/Z6 and the Z9. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for Nikon to release a sub-flagship with a higher pixel count than the flagship itself.

Filming with the Nikon Z9.  8K N-RAW.  Photo: Nikon
Filming with the Nikon Z9. 8K N-RAW. Photo: Nikon

It could. Medium format cameras tend to have sensors ranging in resolution between 50MP and 100MP. However, it’s hard to believe that Nikon is currently investing vast resources in order to develop a medium format camera, as it struggles to meet existing Z9 orders, which are selling very well. What is your opinion on that?

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