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We arrive in three weeks since the release of the iPhone 13 range, and my iPhone 13 Pro Max is already an integral part of my technical setup. Head down below as I break down five quick impressions of Apple’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max after the first three weeks of use, including details on ProMotion, size, and more.

There’s a reason I’m starting this piece with ProMotion as the top header. ProMotion on the iPhone 13 Pro is unbelievable. Once you see it for the first time, you will never be able to use an iPhone without it again.

I’ve been using iPads with ProMotion since it first came to the iPad Pro in 2017, so I’m no stranger to the 120Hz experience. Anyway, I’ve always been blown away the first time I did. used my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The animations are as smooth as it gets, you can read the text as it scrolls, and everything is incredibly smooth.

As tests (and Apple’s own claims) have shown, ProMotion also has some major benefits in terms of efficiency. The battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is amazing for this reason, as well as the size of the battery.

One thing to note, however, is that something about ProMotion seems to mean that different people can have very different impressions of it. Some people (like me) notice this immediately and instantly recognize the benefits. Other people notice it but don’t see it as a game changer, and some people even have to turn it off because it bothers their heads. Make sure to try an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max before upgrading only for ProMotion.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a big and heavy phone, there’s no denying it. It’s even heavier than last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. For context, over the past year, I’ve switched between the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 quite regularly. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is significantly heavier and bigger than these two phones, a change to which I was afraid to get used to it.

In practice, one of the most surprising things for me was how quickly I got used to the size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. As I hit the 3 week mark, I realize that the iPhone 13 Pro Max no longer feels unusually big or heavier. On the flip side, there are plenty of times when I realize how happy I am for having the 6.7-inch screen and the impressive battery life it offers.

I find the size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is made more manageable by using a case. The matte back is rather slippery and difficult to grip (much like the design of the iPhone 12 Pro), but a case can help. My meeting recommendation is Apple’s official leather case, but there are many more affordable options.


Like many of my fellow Apple commentators, I’m disappointed with the colors of the iPhone 13 (and the Apple Watch Series 7, for that matter). This is especially true for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, where your options are: Graphite, Silver, Pacific Blue, and Gold.

I think the gold iPhone 13 Pro is the best, but it doesn’t quite match my style. Pacific Blue is pretty, but it borders on gray in many environments. The graphite is a bit too close to brown for my taste. That left me with one option this year: money.

In fact, I’ve never owned a silver or white iPhone before, so I’m pretty happy with my choice. That being said, I agree that Apple must to name any “colored tsar”because its options have recently really missed the mark.

Smaller notch

During the iPhone 13 rumor cycle, the focus was on Apple reducing the notch this year – for the first time since the iPhone X was introduced. turned out to be true and that the 13-notch iPhone is about 20% smaller in width, it really ended up being “a lot of ado about nothing”.

The iPhone 13’s smaller notch is certainly noticeable, but there are two things to keep in mind. First, it’s smaller in width, but actually slightly taller, meaning it extends further into the iOS interface than before. It’s not really noticeable in everyday use, but one wonders why exactly Apple made this change.

Second, Apple has done nothing to take advantage of the extra screen space it has gained with this change. For example, he could have easily added the battery percentage to the status bar, but he decided against it for some reason. Fortunately, there is room for more 5G operator branding …

 How to display the battery percentage of iPhone 13


I don’t have much to say about the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera that hasn’t already been said by my colleagues Zac Hall and Miles Somerville. My favorite feature by far is the Macro mode, which turns the iPhone 13 Pro into an even more versatile camera than it already was.

I think macro mode should be its own toggle or “mode” in the Camera app. Apple added a toggle to the Settings app that allows users to turn off “Auto Macro”, but giving Macro mode a dedicated mode in the Camera app would be a lot more convenient in my opinion.

Other than that, the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s cameras excel in almost every area. The new Photographic Styles feature gives you more ways to personalize the photos you take with your iPhone, the cinematic video is impressive if you shoot a lot of videos, and the upgraded ultra-wide lens is a major year-over-year jump. the other.

For an amateur photographer like me, the iPhone 13 Pro Max remains the best camera because it allows me to take a photo without worrying about the result.

PSA: accessories included

Citing environmental concerns, Apple is no longer including headphones or a charging brick in the iPhone 13 box this year. Here are some accessories you might consider getting to fill that gap and complement your new iPhone.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is an amazing phone. It’s probably the best phone ever made, despite being largely an iterative upgrade from last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. I took a year off from size “Max” last year, largely because of the pandemic and not traveling, but I am very happy to be back to size. 6.7-inch screen this year.

In anticipation of the iPhone 14 next year, I am very intrigued by the rumors of an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. As it is currently rumored, that means we’ll have two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch form factors at different price points. More on this over the next 12 months. Intriguing!

What do you think of the iPhone 13 Pro Max? Do you have any questions for me? Sound off in the comments!

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