Inside the Jersey Shore 2.0

Here’s a look inside the mansion that was supposed to be the setting for MTV’s “Jersey Shore 2.0,” and judging by the photos…the cast is missing out on a great summer.

Before putting productions on reality show On Ice, producers picked this historic 8-bedroom Atlantic City home – a 4,000 square foot cushion set for classic “JS” moments.

Steps from the famous AC boardwalk, casinos, and nightlife, the four-story home offers gorgeous ocean views and huge decks to keep the party going. Well, he was going to keep the party going.

There is a huge lounge area where the gang can hang out by the fireplace, as well as a dining table that seats 10… perfect for that Sunday family dinner we are used to watching the OG team .

There were plenty of rooms to choose from – 4 on the second floor, each with a private bathroom, then 4 smaller rooms on the third floor. Looks like one of them is set to be the new “smash room”. 😉

The place looks great on its own, but it’s possible the producers added a few extra touches inside…like the OG series duck phone.

We broke stories… The show has stopped Less than a week after the start of production and all the photographic equipment is already ready cleaned up of the joint.

The mansion costs $1,300 per night on Airbnb. I booked the whole month of July to shoot the show, but for nothing… in August, the house seems wide open for rent.

Someone is going to spend a “Jersey Shore” summer there, not the next wave of MTV reality stars.

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