Hohem launches new iSteady Q multifunctional stabilization stick on Kickstarter



With a powerful gyroscope, high-precision motor control, and advanced video stabilization algorithms, iSteady Q can improve the shaky images of smartphone shooting in real time and help users take better photos and videos. In addition, iSteady Q’s selfie stick is extendable and can also be unfolded like a padded tripod to make the gadget stable. Its upper arm rotary joint design could allow iSteady Q to transform from a selfie stick to desktop use to support intelligent 360 ° tracking. So, iSteady Q is not only a selfie stick, but also a single axis gimbal, tripod and desktop tracking gimbal.

iSteady Q offers you a variety of video templates through the Hohem Joy app to stimulate your imagination and creativity, such as Inception, Dolly Zoom, Motion Time-lapse and Panoramic Video. There is also a face tracking function, which can rotate 360 ​​° infinitely and track in desktop mode. As early as 2016, Hohem launched the industry’s first smartphone gimbal with facial recognition and tracking function. Nowadays, smart technology is more powerful and brings you a smoother smart tracking experience. ISteady Q’s face tracking feature allows users to focus on their own creations without worrying about stepping off the screen and creating more fantastic videos.

There are 3 iSteady Q discount packages on Kickstarter:

1.Buy 1 iSteady Q, get 21% off and save $ 9 from the initial price of $ 39.

2.Buy 2 iSteady Q, get 24% off, save $ 19 from the initial price of $ 78, and get 1 free selfie light ring.

3.Buy 4 iSteady Q, get 26% off, save 40 $ from the initial price of $ 156, and get 2 free selfie light rings.

About Hohem

Hohem is a world leading gimbal technology company with strong ability in independently developed technique, production and sales. As Hohem always believes “Make the moment, Enjoy it”, what Hohem wants to convey is that everyone is a recorder of life, that every moment of life is worth recording and that the pleasure gives meaning in everything.

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