Hartford City Council examines red light cameras as a way to tackle dangerous driving – NBC Connecticut


Hartford City Council members plan to present a resolution on Monday that will support the contribution of a red light camera pilot program to the city to combat unsafe driving practices.

The resolution, which is presented by City Council President Maly Rosado and four others, emphasizes the need “to act immediately to reduce road collisions, hit-and-run accidents and pedestrian injuries by pedestrians. reckless drivers “.

Connecticut’s general statutes currently do not allow the use of red light cameras, the resolution says. But it could be resumed during the next legislative session, which is scheduled for February 9, 2022.

Council members proposing the pilot program hope they can collect data on the effectiveness of reducing intersection collisions and unsafe driving practices. During the pilot period, no fines or official tickets would be issued to residents photographed by red light cameras, depending on the resolution.

Residents who committed violations during the proposed pilot program will receive an official notice of violation. It would not have a negative impact on them or their driving record.

City council members stressed the need for such a program, citing data collected by the Connecticut Crash Data Repository which documented 2,735 road crashes in the city of Hartford alone between August 31, 2020 and August 31, 2021. .

The resolution is supported by four Democrats: Rosado, Nick Lebron, Marilyn Rossetti and James “Jimmy” Sanchez Jr. Hartford Party Representative John Gale, a former Democrat, also supports the resolution.

The next municipal council meeting will take place on Monday at 7 p.m. For more information on the upcoming resolution, click here.

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