Gucci plants the seeds of style with its latest Pineapple collection

When Gucci first introduced the canvas, it featured a mosaic of brown diamonds, woven into a beige hemp fabric, known as the Gucci Diamante print.

Since then, the house has released new iterations, each time merging more fashionable and contemporary designs with the original. In 2021, the Japanese manga character Doraemon was featured on signature t-shirts, bucket hats and bags in an exclusive collection. And just last month, Gucci launched yet another decorative motif — featuring a pineapple flanked by roses — as a defining element of its diverse and colorful menswear collection.

The Gucci Pineapple collection sees the flavors of collegiate aesthetics mingle with streetwear influences in a palette of pastels, complemented by deeper shades of blue and green. The ready-to-wear range includes looks in classic gingham prints, as well as formalwear and tracksuits enriched with a patch bearing the number “22,705”, which is the number of song lyrics that include a reference at Gucci.

The vast collection also includes a straight coat in washed gabardine, a printed caban jacket and two bomber jackets in contrasting colors. The series’ lighthearted vibe is further enhanced by the pineapple-pink and “22,705” patches.

Elsewhere, you can find a selection of all-new GG jumbo denim styles, as well as wool and cotton-based knits, and casual pieces, all featuring the pineapple and rose jacquard pattern in various combinations. The sets can be coordinated with matching pants in various colors and textiles.

What is a Gucci collection if it is not complemented by complementary accessories? A wide range of bags, small leather goods and signature sneakers such as Screener, Rhython and Gucci Basket follow the ready-to-wear pieces. These use a printed pattern of pineapples and a bright yellow rose, creating a bold juxtaposition with the GG Supreme canvas base.

Although the composition of the exuberant patches and patterns is different, a distinctive blue-red stripe and pink “WHATʼS INSIDE” text ties these accessories together, providing an added playful and unexpected appeal.

With Gucci’s continued commitment to sustainability, the house has used solvent-free coatings for the GG Supreme canvas with the pineapple motif. Details and prints in organic cotton are created by digital printing using water-based colors. From the looks of the pieces, Gucci seems adept at creating extravagant designs, without neglecting the health of our planet.

(Pictures: Gucci)

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