Growth spurt continues at New Mexico Frontier Industrial Park

Franklin Mountain Capital Expands Presence in Santa Teresa, New Mexico

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — Two new business ventures are in the works at the industrial complex near the Port of Entry in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Franklin Mountain Capital, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company, announced that it will produce corrugated, microflute and digital printing services through its Franklin Mountain Packaging plant. The building will house a 98-inch Quantum corrugator – one of only 14 in the world – to produce corrugated board.

“Growth in specialty corrugated packaging continues to be strong, and we believe FMP has a unique offering to capitalize on this growth,” FMC and FMP President Paul Foster said in a statement.

Franklin Mountain Packaging will address the food and beverage, healthcare, electronics, e-commerce, technology, aerospace and automotive industries. It will produce corrugated sheets, graphics, design advice and displays.

Meanwhile, Abyacsa Construction opened a 135,000 square foot building this week awaiting a tenant. The company has already constructed a 365,000 square foot building in the industrial park.

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