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Following the success of last year’s digital exhibition and a 15-year history of hosting public photo exhibitions, Fujifilm today launched its second printlife @ home exhibition to tell the stories behind the photos taken there. last year in Europe.

After long deadlocks across Europe, photography is firmly established as a key part of collecting new memories as families, friends and loved ones begin to come together. Every photo tells a story, and Fujifilm is asking that those stories be shared in this year’s printlife @ home exhibit.

Launch on August 2sd, members of the public from across Europe can submit their photos to Fujifilm’s second virtual photo exhibition until December 5, 2021 at www.fujifilm-printlife.eu. The exhibition is open to everyone, whether their photos are taken with a smartphone or a camera.

Creating and recalling memories through photography has brought comfort and happiness to many people during these difficult times. Fujifilm therefore wants the audience to share not only their special shots, but also their home photo arrangements or exhibitions to give the feeling of browsing personal galleries, providing the perfect setting for storytelling.

David Honey, Director General of Photo Imaging at Fujifilm Europe, said:

“Over the past 18 months, many of us have reverted to old photos to remind ourselves of what life was like before the global pandemic, in search of the comforts of nostalgia. At Fujifilm, we strongly believe in the power of photography to capture and preserve memories for years to come, with each photo telling its own story. Whether you consider yourself a professional photographer or prefer to capture your own memories on your smartphone camera, printlife @ home is open to anyone to share those stories.

printlife @ home is open to any member of the public and Fujifilm seeks to celebrate the most creative contributions and meaningful stories by choosing five Photos of the week. The winners, selected by an independent jury, will not only have their photos profiled by Fujifilm but will also receive a voucher of € 200, € 150 or € 100, or the currency equivalent, to spend on photo printing products, or to opt for an instax Mini 40 or instax mini 11 camera, both with supplied instax mini film to have everything you need to be creative and make beautiful instant prints.

After the global launch of Fujifilm100,000 photos The exhibition has been postponed to 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, printlife @ home was launched in Europe in 2020 to allow amateur, professional and amateur photographers to connect. Over 10,500 photos have been uploaded, providing a unique insight into emerging stories across the continent.

David Honey, Director General of Photo Imaging at Fujifilm Europe, said:

“Last year’s exhibit truly demonstrated the simultaneously shared and unique experiences we have all had over the past 18 months, with a focus on the diverse cultures, roles and identities emerging from the hundreds of thousands. uploaded photos. The printlife @ home exhibit offers a unique insight into how everyday life has changed – and continues to change – using the creativity of photography. We want to continue this journey of discovery this year and look forward to seeing and reviewing the thousands of entries we hope to receive. “

Fujifilm’s 15-year history in mass public participation photo exhibitions saw the 100,000 photos tour of the exhibition in various locations, from Japan and Malaysia to France and the United States. This year, 500 photos registered with printlife @ home will also be featured in an on-site exhibit at the Photography Show in Birmingham, UK, in September.


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