Enhance your appearance in front of the camera with this professional light bar



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Virtual meetings are here to stay whether we like it or not. While the convenience factor cannot be denied, working or attending classes remotely requires a different kind of effort. A good setup, for example, is crucial: a good pair of headphones, a clear mic, and a decent background (preferably without roommates or family members making cameos) are all important parts of our FMH or our school practices.

Beyond the basics, there are a few aesthetic touches that can really elevate your onscreen square from grainy to glossy, like the. Whether you’re signing up or presenting a class project, in a job interview, or just chatting with friends, this professional desk light bar helps you look your best in front of the camera thanks to to high Color Rendering Index (CRI) lights and warm LEDs.

There are several ways to position the LiteBar with the included mini magnetic tripod. For best results, place the bar horizontally on the tripod just above your screen. Or, you can use the tripod crutches to position the light between your desktop screen and your keyboard. The flattering pool of light instantly illuminates your face no matter where you are (or how much time you spent getting ready that morning).

You basically get the same star treatment that celebrities and news anchors get when they’re on camera, which means it’ll be hard to go back to any old lighting when you’re on a video conference. That’s not a problem, as the LiteBar is perfect for home and on the go; You can easily carry the portable lamp in the included zipper pouch, so that you can easily set it up in the bookcase or in the office.

Put your best face forward for any video call or class. , or 22% off.

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