Ellwood City, Pa. To install traffic and surveillance cameras



(TNS) – The borough council this week approved various questions concerning public security.

Ellwood City Council has approved a new agreement allowing McGonigle Ambulance Service, Medevac Ambulance Services and Noga Ambulance Services to serve the borough.

Borough manager David Allen said having three ambulance service providers would help reduce incident response time.

Council also approved an offer from Security Consulting Systems, valued at $ 26,071, for the purchase and installation of seven traffic cameras.

Allen said they will be placed at the Ewing Park Bridge and the Fifth Street Bridge, to monitor traffic at intersections.

He said those cameras will also connect to the surveillance system used with Beaver County.

In another vote, council approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of engine brake retarders on motor vehicles on Woodside Avenue (Route 65) from Pershing Street to Mount Vernon Drive.

In a 5-1 decision, council agreed to approve the borough’s contract with the City of Ellwood Police Department, retroactive from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024. Council Chairman George Celli was the dissenting vote, while Councilor Judith Dici was absent from the meeting.

In a 4-2 decision, the council voted to file for promotion from an officer to police sergeant for six months, on the recommendation of Mayor Anthony Court.

Celli, Jim Berry, Michele Lamenza and Brad Ovial were in favor of the deposit, while Caleb Cragle and Rob Brough were not in favor of the deposit.

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