Eiza Gonzales gives insight into how she channels María Felix

Eiza Gonzalez get into character. The Mexican actress stars and produces in a biopic about the life of Marie Felix and, though the actress prefers not to talk too much about her prep, she gave some insight into how she channels La Doña through her fashion and style. On Wednesday, González shared a photo from her set with Vogue Mexico where she wears an incredible leopard jumpsuit with wide legs, a synchronized belt, a stylish hat and accessories. “Maria bonita is always an inspiration,” she captioned the photo in Spanish.

Felix lived to be 88 and was the most famous Mexican actress of the 1940s and 1950s in Latin cinema. She was considered to have “the most beautiful face in the history of Mexican cinema” and was incredibly talented. “María’s tenacity and fierce way of dealing with some of the toughest adversity I have witnessed has already inspired many others,” González said in a statement last year. “I’m incredibly honored to play her and bring her voice and her story to the world.”

However, now that she’s getting ready, the actress prefers not to talk too much about it. She told Vogue Mexico that she hopes “the project will speak for itself when it’s ready.” The 31-year-old was born in Mexico City and went on to say that she intended to shoot the film in Mexico to “give her set more opportunities, more jobs.”

People were excited to hear about the biopic last August. Deadline reported at the time González, Oscar/Emmy nominated director Matthew Heineman and Linden Entertainment teamed up with Felix’s estate to bring his story to life. “Maria was constantly pushing boundaries and living by her own rules, while the world tried to tear her down,” González said at the time. “I always believed that her life should be seen around the world, so that people know more about how society portrays successful, driven women,” she added.

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