DxOMark: OnePlus 10 Pro cameras get poor results, put it behind the Mi 10 Pro


Aierlan, 3 hours agoIn fact, this score is relatively good for oneplus given that it uses the same main sense… moreHave you heard of the Pixel 6 pro?


Joel1439, 3 hours agoBecause after OnePlus 8 pro, all phones released by OnePlus are totally disappointing.Totally agree


We paid $150 more for OnePlus 9 Pro with improved selfie camera and extra 500mAh battery
Lol 😂😂😂


JustSomeRandomGuy, 7 hours agorelying on DxOMark for camera quality is like relying on benchmarks to determine a phone’… moreEven if you are right to some extent, benchmarks are important to give a rough idea of ​​how a certain phone is performing. I mean, if your phone is in 50th place, I doubt daily performance puts it in the top spot. Lol.


notafanboy, 9 hours agoLots of people care. Why are you annoyed?Because after OnePlus 8 pro, all phones released by OnePlus are totally disappointing.


In fact, this score is relatively good for oneplus given that it uses the same main sensor and zoom as the 9 pro, but has a much weaker ultra wide sensor. Therefore, they did quite well in improving the score slightly over the 9pro. They never looked to challenge high scores with an 8mp zoom lens and an ultra wide jn1. The hardware just isn’t good enough to match the top phones


Michy, 7 hours agohttps://www.xiaomi4mi.com/noticias/smartphone/el-xiaomi-12-ultra-confirma-el-uso-de-lentes-lei… moreLeica certified lenses. They will be made by a Chinese company like Sunny Optical. Leica just gives the stamp of approval. Leica has many years of experience in mobile image processing with Huawei and they learned from Huawei as Huawei learned from them, so at least they should be able to provide useful information to Xiaomi from of their past experience


Anonymous, 4 hours agoScore even higher than the latest Iphone. hahahahahaFake. That’s 10 points behind the 13 Pro/Pro Max.


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Score even higher than the latest Iphone.


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Michy, 7 hours agohttps://www.xiaomi4mi.com/noticias/smartphone/el-xiaomi-12-ultra-confirma-el-uso-de-lentes-lei… moreObviously, xiaomi is going to say it’s Leica.
Have you ever seen Huawei say the lenses weren’t Leica? No. The info comes from Leica.


costa049, 8 hours agoThis is unacceptable for the 10th flagship of Oneplus and in this price range. And even after… moreIt’s the 9th


Anonymous, 7 hours agohttps://www.zdnet.com/article/7-things-to-know-about-leica-and-huaweis-partnership/ “N… morehttps://www.xiaomi4mi.com/noticias/smartphone/el-xiaomi-12-ultra-confirma-el-uso-de-lentes-leica/

Xiaomi still hasn’t presented its most complete 12 series smartphone. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra has confirmed the rumors that mentioned the use of Leica lenses.

Thanks to the MIUI source code, all the suspicions and rumors that had been going on for several months have been confirmed, signaling that Xiaomi would have developed a camera with the German company.

As we can see in the following screenshot taken from the source code of the operating system of the Xiaomi smartphone, reference is already made to Leica and to the different filters that will arrive in the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. In this way, the Ultra model will finally become the company’s first phone to have a camera DEVELOPED in collaboration with one of the most relevant optical lens manufacturers on the market.


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relying on DxOMark for camera quality is like relying on benchmarks to determine phone performance.

I will believe real reviews such as Juan Carlos Bagnel instead of paid advertisements


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Michy, 8 hours agoJoke of the year!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣https://www.zdnet.com/article/7-things-to-know-about-leica-and-huaweis-partnership/

“Neither Leica nor Huawei manufacture the lenses. Instead, a third-party manufacturer in Asia is mass-producing the lenses to specifications agreed by Leica and Huawei. campus is simply not designed for mass production of smartphone components.”


Look at the camera setup it’s almost the same as the 8pro, 9pro but the latest is with Hasselblad but still not much difference only better software and maybe the lens but the price is crazy like another device. No oneplus is not the onelus we know from series 5 and 6


I think after oneplus 8 pro they went rogue…..poor ba3, crap camera, and all they care about is ads to let them sell


You just don’t buy oneplus for the camera.


Anonymous, 8 hours agoA little off topic, I was told that the 7th Gen 1 is a bit above 888. A more powerful CPU and GPU as well. It… morethe same bullshit was said about the current one.


Anonymous, 8 hours agoLeica does not manufacture lenses for telephones. Just certifies the quality. Joke of the year!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣


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Calvin62, 9 hours agoThe Hasseblad logo on the OnePlus is a pure commercial gig bought for 50 million and cheats O… moreHasselblad manufactures its own lenses.

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