Drive safer with these car backup cameras

All new cars in the US have been required to have a built-in backup camera since 2018 and there’s a reason: they make driving safer. Whether it’s having a good view while trying to parallel park on the street, or simply getting a better sense of your surroundings in a crowded area, a backup camera can make a big difference.

If you’re still driving a vehicle made before 2018, don’t worry if you feel left out. Here are three of the CNET Cars team’s picks for the best backup cameras.

WHAT Auto-Vox CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera Kit

THE COST $119.99


If you want easy setup and excellent image quality, the Auto-Vox CS-2 offers the best of both worlds. As this is a wireless camera, you should have no problem attaching the camera (with built-in wireless transmitter) to the back of your car or mounting the suction cup display to your dashboard. This means you can save money by avoiding installation costs with this wireless backup camera.

The camera uses digital wireless transmission, which means there is virtually no interference from other signals and no image distortion. Plus, the signal is strong, with Auto-Vox recommending the camera for any vehicle under 32 feet long.

WHAT eRapta ERT01 Automotive Backup Camera

THE COST $47.99


If your car doesn’t have a rear view camera and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the eRapta ERT01 is hard to beat. This camera easily attaches to a car’s license plate and includes a 26-foot RCA cable that can connect to a display with a compatible output. Although there is no screen included with the camera, many vehicles already have screens fitted which will work with the ERT01 – just be sure to check yours first otherwise you may need to purchase a separate screen.

As a wired camera, the ERT01 will be slightly more difficult to install than the average wireless camera. User reviews on Amazon indicate that the camera’s wired system is easy to set up, with only one RCA cable needed to connect the camera to the display. The kit also includes a cable to power the camera.

WHAT Rear View Security Backup Camera System

THE COST $241.67


Unless you are a professional trucker, an RV is bigger than any other vehicle you will drive. So it makes sense to spend more and make sure you, your passengers and those around you are safe.

Rear View Safety’s 4-camera setup with Quad View display allows RV drivers to get the most comprehensive view of their surroundings. There are four cameras in total: two to mount on the back of the VR (with 130 degree viewing angles) and one on each side (with 120 degree viewing angles). The split-screen monitor can show feeds from all cameras at once, or just the feeds the driver chooses to see.

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