Digital Ally wins notable order for on-board and body cameras



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Columbus Police Department whole upgrades full division ecosystem evidence capture devices via the subscription payment program

Lenexa, KS, October 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) (the Society), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video recording products and other security products essential for law enforcement, emergency management, fleet security, and site and event security, has announced today that it has received a notable upgrade order from the Columbus (NE) Police Department for twenty (20) EVO-HD on-board systems and thirty (30) FirstVu HD body cameras hosted on the Web Evidence Management solution EVO. This order was purchased through the Company’s subscription payment program.

“For over 12 years the Columbus Police Department have used Digital Ally devices and we are now excited to switch to their latest and most advanced evidence capture technology,” said Captain Doug Molczyk of the Department. Columbus Police Department, adding: “With the help of their subscription-based payment program, we are able to equip our officers with the EVO-HD on-board system and the FirstVu HD body camera. We look forward to continuing to do so. trust Digital Ally.

“We are proud to continue to provide the Columbus Police Department with the essential equipment their officers need every day,” said Stan Ross, CEO of Digital Ally, adding, “Our technology has proven invaluable in increasing the agent security as well as providing unbiased and transparent video evidence during interactions.

The EVO-HD is Digital Ally’s highly advanced and innovative on-board camera system for law enforcement. With patented VuLink integrated® Auto-Activation Technology Multiple cameras, including a body camera, can be activated simultaneously to record video evidence. All evidence is hosted on the highly secure GovCloud platform powered by Amazon Web Services.

About Digital Ally

Digital ally® specializes in the design and manufacture of the highest quality video recording equipment and video analysis software. Digital Ally is pushing the boundaries of technology in areas such as law enforcement, emergency management, fleet security and event security. Digital Ally’s complete product solutions include vehicle and body cameras, flexible software storage, automatic recording technology and various critical security products. In addition, Digital Ally has launched the Shield line of health protection products, including Shield cleaners, a highly effective but safe to use disinfectant and sanitizer against SARS-CoV-2, a non-contact thermometer / device to entry controlled, an electrostatic sprayer for fast and effective disinfection of large areas and a variety of personal protective equipment, including face masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes. With its recent creation of Digital Ally Healthcare, Inc. and the acquisition of TicketSmarter, LLC, Digital Ally continues to add organizations that demonstrate the common traits of positive profits, growth potential and organizational synergies.

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Factors that could cause or contribute to our actual results differing materially from those discussed here or that could adversely affect our share price include, but are not limited to: (1) whether the Company will be able to complete the installation of the underlying equipment and the training of law enforcement personnel for the police services in light of the travel and other restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; (2) whether the Company will be able to maintain or expand its share of the markets in which it competes with FirstVu HD and EVO-HD; (3) whether the Company will have a global impact with its technological innovations; (4) whether the Company will be able to adapt its technology to new and different uses, including the possibility of introducing new products; (5) competition from larger, more established companies with much greater economic and human resources; (6) its ability to attract and retain quality customers and employees; (7) the effect of changing economic conditions; and changes in government regulations, tax rates and the like. (8) our losses in recent years, including in fiscal years 2020 and 2019 and since the start of the year in 2021; (9) the economic and other risks to our business due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the impacts on our customers, suppliers and law enforcement and business employees, the impact of the pandemic on the historical activity of TicketSmarter and our ability to raise capital as requested; (ten) our ability to increase our revenues, increase our margins and return to constant profitability in the current economic and competitive environment; (11) our operation in the development of new markets and the uncertainty as to the acceptance by the market of our technology, our new products, our ability to develop the Digital Ally Healthcare subsidiary and to carry out profitable and well-assiduous RCM acquisitions, and our ability to develop the TicketSmarter subsidiary and to make profitable transactions and wise acquisitions in complementary businesses; (12) the availability of federal, state and local government funding to facilitate the budgets of law enforcement agencies, including the timing, amount and restrictions of such funding; (13) our ability to deliver our new product offerings such as Shield ™ disinfectant / sanitizer products and ThermoVU ™ temperature control systems, whether these new products perform as intended or advertised and whether they will help increase our revenues; (14) whether we will be able to increase domestic and international sales of our products in the future; (15) our ability to maintain or expand our market share for our products in the national and international markets in which we compete, including by increasing our international revenues; (16) our ability to manufacture our products profitably; (17) competition from larger, more established companies with much greater economic and human resources; (18) our ability to attract and retain quality employees; (19) risks associated with relationships with government clients; (20) our significant resource expenditure in anticipation of sales due to our long sales cycle and the possibility of not receiving any income in return; (21) our ability to identify, execute and integrate acquisitions that will achieve the desired synergies to achieve our business plan; (22) that shareholders may lose all or part of their investment if we are unable to compete in our markets and return to profitability; (23) defects in our products which could affect our ability to sell our products or could result in litigation and other significant costs; (24) our dependence on key personnel; (25) our reliance on third party distributors and sales representatives for part of our marketability; (26) our dependence on a few manufacturers and suppliers for the components of our products and our dependence on domestic and foreign manufacturers for some of our products; (27) our ability to protect technology through patents and to protect our technology and proprietary information, such as trade secrets, by other similar means; (28) our ability to generate more recurring cloud and service revenues; (29) risks associated with our license agreements; (30) our revenues and results of operations may fluctuate unexpectedly from quarter to quarter; (31) sufficient voting power by coalitions of some of our most important shareholders, including directors and officers, to make corporate governance decisions that could have a significant effect on us and other shareholders ; (32) the sale of substantial quantities of our common shares, with a par value of $ 0.001 per share (the “Common Shares”), which may have a depressive effect on the market price of the outstanding shares of our common shares; (33) the possible issuance of ordinary shares subject to options and warrants which may dilute the interests of shareholders; (34) our non-payment of dividends and the absence of plans to pay dividends in the future; (35) the future sale of a substantial number of shares of our Common Shares which could lower the trading price of our Common Shares, reduce our value and make it more difficult for us to raise capital; (36) our additional securities available for issuance, which, if issued, could adversely affect the rights of holders of our common shares; (37) the likely high volatility in the price of our shares due to a number of factors, including a relatively limited free float; (38) whether this technology will have a significant impact on our long-term revenues; and (39) indemnification of our officers and directors.


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