Cockrell Butterfly Center will close in September for renovations

The center will close from September 12 as it undergoes renovations to make it more accessible to visitors.

HOUSTON — The Cockrell Butterfly Center will undergo its own transformation, just as its winged residents are doing starting in September.

The Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology in Houston’s Museum District provides a living butterfly habitat with live, preserved specimens of some of the world’s largest arthropods.

The center will close from September 12 as it undergoes renovations to make it more accessible to visitors.

Members will have exclusive access to the Cockrell Butterfly Center on the mornings of September 9, 10 and 11 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The center will reopen in early 2023.

Know before you go

The center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Here’s how to get tickets before it closes for renovations.

Inside the center is the Rainforest Conservatory, a three-story glass structure built around a 50-foot waterfall. According to the center’s website, it’s a simulated rainforest filled with exotic plants and more than 1,500 flying butterflies.

Butterflies are imported from all over the world and flutter throughout the veranda. They stop to sip the nectar and fruit juice made available to them at the feeders in the winter garden.

Butterflies may even land on lucky visitors as they stroll through the simulated rainforest.

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VIDEO: Inside the Cockrell Butterfly Center

How many butterflies are there at the Cockrell Butterfly Center?

There are 1,500 to 2,000 individual butterflies in the exhibit at any one time. According to their website, visitors can expect to see up to 60 species of butterflies from tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

Is the Cockrell Butterfly Center air conditioned?

Expect the temperature to be between 75 F and 80 F with 70-80% humidity to mimic a rainforest environment.

Are visitors allowed to take photos at the Cockrell Butterfly Center?

Yes, personal photography and videography are encouraged, but tripods are not allowed

Are pushchairs allowed at the Cockrell Butterfly Center?

Strollers are not permitted in the Butterfly Center, but stroller parking is available at the entrance.

Are service animals allowed at the Cockrell Butterfly Center?

Be aware that the center is a live animal exhibit, which can be overwhelming for service animals. If your service animal or the animals inside become agitated with vocalization, urination/excretion, or aggressive behavior, you may be asked to remove your service animal from this area of ​​the Museum of Natural Science.

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