Chandigarh to spend Rs 40 lakh on yoga mats, t-shirts, stage and sound system

The Chandigarh administration will spend a whopping Rs 40 lakh just for yoga mats, t-shirts and an audio and visual system. This will include stage set-up and decoration, speakers, sofa and mats that will be used during the hour-long event on International Yoga Day, June 21.

Each year, a tender is issued to purchase service items for the Yoga Day event. Tenders for various arrangements have been launched for Rs 40 lakh. According to the details, the administration requested 3,000 yoga mats, 8,000 t-shirts (various sizes) with a specific logo mentioning ‘Directorate of AYUSH, Chandigarh Administration’. T-shirts, it was mentioned, should be 30% polyester and 70% cotton. The mats should measure 6 × 2 feet, with a thickness of 5 mm.

In the details communicated to interested parties, it was said that they would need flowers for the decoration of the stage, 8 LED screens, a plasma TV, a stage and a sofa. For live streaming, up to eight 12×8 LED screens, three plasma TV screens, videographer with four tripods, audio system with microphone, two fixed cameras, audio, video and power cables as per site requirements , were also included.

Since this is the sound and visual system, said upright will also include 12 to 16 speakers, two floor monitors, sound mixer, podium microphone, laptop computer with audio wiring, a wireless microphone, tripod for loudspeaker speaker, etc.

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An arrangement of the generator for June 20 (rehearsal day) and June 21 has also been proposed. A green carpet, a red carpet, single-seater VIP sofas with three central tables, are also to be fitted out. Flexible signs and banners announcing Yoga Day will also be installed.

Terms and conditions

The deposit to be deposited is Rs 2 lakh. It was also said that the AYUSH manager reserves the right to impose a penalty on the bidder if he does not provide the services within the given time. Penalty in the form of contract termination, forfeiture of security deposit and blacklisting. In addition, the offer received by e-tendering will be opened by the e-Procurement Unit according to the schedule indicated in the notice. If the date is declared a holiday, it will be the next business day. It was also said that the tender is not transferable.

Blacklist of Bidders: It has been stated that participants and shortlisted after due process may also be blacklisted, depending on the administration, in case of non-execution of the work order or concealment of information or of supplying false documents/declarations in the invitation to tender.

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